Double Witch Illusion

by Frederick Goode

The Illusionist pulls forward a stand made of PVC pipes, or metal or wooden pipes or dowels. Between the two side poles he places a cross pole that has a curtain on it. He lowers the curtain.

The Illusionist goes behind the curtain and suddenly two large life-size (or larger) puppet witches make their appearance on either side of the curtain. The Illusionist comes out and hangs them from the sidebars sticking out left and right. They have metal rings in the tops of their hats for this purpose.

At first the Illusionist is operating the witches using rod puppetry techniques, but suddenly the rods are taken away from him and the witches seem to have taken on a life of their own.

They get into a squabble with one another. I won’t give away my exact routine and lines here, just the general effect, so you can use your imaginations to come up with your own original routines and patter. But the gist of the argument is that one of the witches is fat and the other one skinny, and they make jokes at one another’s expense and each one tries to top the other.

The two witches finally come off the side rings and begin moving about the stage, squeezing the Illusionist between them until suddenly the curtain drops to the floor and the witches back away. The Illusionist has disappeared!

Each witch blames the other for vanishing the Illusionist. They decide they do not wish to entertain the audience all alone, so they decide to sneak off the stage and maybe no one will notice the Illusionist is missing. Before they go, they raise the curtain back up on the poles the way it was, then each witch begins moving towards the sides of the stage.

Suddenly the curtain drops to the floor revealing the Illusionist who commands the witches to “Freeze!” They suddenly stop all movement and just remain as still as statues, one on each side.

The Illusionist moves the pipe frame and curtain to the background and comes back with a water gun in each hand. He squirts water on each of the witches, and they begin writhing and collapsing to the floor (as in the original “Wizard of Oz” movie). “I’m melting! What a world! Etc.”

The Illusionist scoops up the empty witch costumes from the floor and yells, “Send these out to be dry cleaned!” tossing them into the wings.

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