WAH Production Box

by Jim Gerrish

This easy to change seasonally themed production box uses principles established by Harold Westgate, Al Aldini, and Louis Histed, combined together by Jim Gerrish. A do-it-yourself woodshop project! Wah! If you like the Square Circle, multiply it by Three and you'll love WAH!

The audience first sees a four-legged table, draped with a large tablecloth. In his hands, the magician holds two large tubes. One is rectangular shaped, with cutouts on the face so that you can see through it to the black interior. For our example, we have added Jack-O-Lantern decorations for Halloween, but removable faceplates can be made to give the box a different appearance for a variety of different occasions.The other tube is usually a cylinder, but not necessarily so. It could be another rectangular tube decorated like a haunted house, or a castle tower, etc.

Both tubes are shown to the audience from both ends, so they can clearly see that the tubes conceal nothing. Magicians in the audience, who were expecting to see evidence of Louis Histed’s Square Circle principle, instead see nothing at all.

Both tubes are nested on top of the table and the tablecloth is removed. When the magician is ready to make something appear within the inner cylinder, he rotates the tube so the cutout is towards the back. Then a huge production can be made from the tube. Between productions, the inner tube can be lifted out to show it completely empty from both ends, or simply rotated to allow the audience to see inside it through the rectangular cutout.

The final production is made of a stack of water filled fishbowls, or something equally impressive. In our version, the bowls can be seen appearing inside the cylinder through the cutouts in both tubes. Then when both tubes are removed, the stack of fishbowls stands alone on the tabletop and it is taller than either of the tubes from which it came.

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