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Magical History Lesson:
Sefalaljia Revisited

by Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish

We start by giving you a reprint of the original article from the 1939 issue #69 of Ted Annemann's "The Jinx," in which Stewart James' Sefalaljia is described in full. In James' Encyclopedia of Rope Tricks, he described just the ring on rope effect from the routine, so you need to see the source to get the full flavor of what this effect is capable of.

The Sefalaljia mystery is easier to make than pronounce. Jim Gerrish and the Professor show you how to construct one from Dollar Store materials, and then use it to produce all the Stewart James' Sefalaljia effects, including the rope linkings of Dean's Box... without a Dean's Box.

It's a complete 10 minute Spirit Cabinet Seance Routine you can make and perform with the simplest of props. Thirty pages of instructions and photos lead you through it, step by step!

Here's an outline of the routine you can do in a stage presentation of our version of Sefalaljia.

1. Ball in Glass
2. Knotting the silk
3. Knotting a rope
4. Ring on Rope # 1 (The original Stewart James' routine)
5. Ghost Milk Vanish
6. Ring on Rope # 2
7. Red and White Linking Ropes #1
8. Red and White Linking Ropes #2
9. Shrinking Rope
10. Bell, Book, and Candle Routine

For a close-up or table-hopping version of the routine, consider using these:

1. Ball in Glass
2. Knotting the silk
3. Ring on Rope # 2
4. Red and White Linking Ropes #1
5. Shrinking Rope

Watch the Demonstration by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki on YouTube

Magical History Lesson:
Sefalaljia Revisited $7.00

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