Street Bike

by Eleazar Goodenough

Sometimes I just can’t wait to grow up. I’m nine years old, but I want to have my own street motorcycle and in my state you have to be seventeen before you can get a permit. I was moaning about this to Professor Spellbinder and he said, “You’re a magician, Why don’t you just make a motorcycle appear and drive off on it?” That got me to thinking about illusions and motorcycles.

My solution: The illusionist begins to dream of his ideal street motorcycle, which materializes out of his dreams behind a screen. His imagination also brings a motorcycle helmet, flashy motorcycle jacket and glove. He puts them on and prepares to ride off on his dream bike, only to discover that it has transformed into his old foot-powered bicycle, the motorcycle helmet has transformed back into his old bicycle helmet and the jacket and gloves are what he has always worn to go riding. Off he rides on his bicycle, content with what he has for now.

This same scenario would work for an adult Illusionist to do with a kid at any show- simply transforming a motorcycle into a bicycle. If you can do it combined with a charity bicycle give-away so the kid gets to keep the bicycle at the end, so much the better!

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