Autumn Leaves

by Professor Spellbinder

The Wizard picks up a branch covered with red, yellow and gold autumn leaves. He reminds the audience of the scene in the Harry Potter movie (#3) where the Whomping Willow tree sheds all its leaves at once, and claims he has taught other trees to do the same, making it convenient for the Gardening Elves to rake them all up at once rather than having to rake them up over a period of several weeks. To demonstrate, he waves his wand at the branch and all the leaves fall off and drop to the floor at once.

Now he picks up one leaf and crushes it in his fist. Taking a fan decorated with autumn leaves, he fans the pieces of his crushed leaf and they fly out of his hand, faster and faster until many more leaflets are flying around the air than could have possibly come from his hand. Magicians will recognize this as a colorful version of “Winter-time in China.”

Some of the leaves form a circle about the Wizard and whirl around him faster and faster. The Wizard may wish to produce a flute or recorder and provide music for his leaf dance. Some of the leaves jump out of the whirling pattern and dance with the Wizard in time to music. Some or all of these leaves may burst into flames at the end of their dance. Finally, all the whirling leaves rise up into the flies and the Wizard is left alone, dancing by himself. The music stops and the Wizard realizes that all the leaves have flown off. He bends over and picks up the bare branch that earlier shed its leaves so suddenly.

“Don’t worry,” the Wizard tells the audience. “They’ll be back again next spring.” He waves the branch and it is suddenly covered with little green leaves and flower blossoms. He puts his finger to his lips, winks at the audience as if telling them to keep a secret, and tucks the branch into his robe pocket.

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