Tricky Trick or Treat Bag

by Professor Spellbinder

"Let me teach you how to share your Halloween Treats," says the Professor, handing a bag or container full of treats to a child helper. This should be a girl and from then on, the Professor refers to her as “Miss Treat.” He can give her a funny disguise to wear, if desired.

Other children are brought up to play the roles of "Bratty Little Brother," "Mean Aunt Jean," “Bad Uncle Chad,” etc. Invent more funny names if you want to expand the number of children on stage. The children can be given funny disguises to match their names, and if you want, you can rehearse them in saying “Trick or Treat” in the voice and manner of character they are playing. Each person is given an empty container in which to place the treats they collect while “trick or treating.”

“Miss Treat” is taught to politely offer each person a treat from the bag, but when she offers one to the Professor, he gets: a large rubber rat, a tarantula, a snake... you get the idea.

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