Lime Kicker

by Professor Spellbinder

As a follow up to almost any magic trick with a soda can, make sure you are using one of the new lime cola cans. For example, perform the marked quarter to soda can trick using a lime cola can. Vanish the signed quarter, open the soda can and pour the soda out into a glass. Jangle the can so they can hear that it contains a coin. Hand the can to someone to fish the quarter out and verify the signature on the coin.

 When they get out the coin, they toss the can to you. After the signature on the coin is verified and the crowd is impressed, shake the can again for them. This time they hear a very different sound, like something heavy thumping around inside the can. Let a spectator peek inside the can through the top hole and something green is seen. Tear open the can with your bare hands, and out falls a real lime… after all, it IS a lime cola!

In the article, I explain an older version of the signed quarter to soda can (NOT the one sold in stores!) and all the workings of getting the lime in the can.

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