A Hat For All Seasons

by Professor Spellbinder

This newspaper hat design is almost as old as newspapers, but Lu Brent was the first to recognize the value of this paper folding novelty for entertaining children and made a magic trick out of showing the hat getting bigger and bigger, which was first put on the market by Supreme Magic of the UK. Then in the 1960's, British comedy magician Ali Bongo added the various color patterns and a giant monster face for the finale, and The Ali Bongo Growing Hat was born.

The advantage to making your own Growing Hat Trick is that you can control what colors you want to use for the various smaller hats, and you can add your own faces to the finale (like the ones shown above - but not limited to those), to fit in with the season. I describe some other advantages in the More Ideas section at the end of this article. If you really want to make your Growing Hat last a long time, you should use Tyvek (plastic reinforced) paper.

For the best Growing Hat ROUTINE, for this trick, we recommend "The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Lewis"; CLICK HERE!:

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