The Leprechaun's Pot O' Gold

by Professor Spellbinder

Every March we have an excuse for creating a special magical setting for a golden Miser's Dream. You are not limited to March, but if you need something special for St. Patrick's Day themes, this may hit the spot!

The Irish legend is told that at the end of the rainbow, the Leprechaun hide their magic cauldrons filled with Leprechaun gold. So saying, you magically produce a mist-filled black cauldron with rainbow lights playing on the mist from inside the cauldron (electricity required for that part of the effect!).

Now the Magician or Wizard begins to perform a Miser's Dream, using golden coins (real, painted, or plastic). Coin after coin appears at his fingertips and is dropped clanking into the cauldron.

Continuing with the legend of Leprechaun Gold, the Magician or Wizard tells the audience that it was believed you could hang onto the Leprechaun and his gold as long as you looked directly at him and did not look away. The moment you stopped looking at the Leprechaun or his gold, he would disappear and his gold along with him. Since you don't have an actual Leprechaun present you can demonstrate this with just the gold. Keep your eye on the gold... oh, too late! It's gone!

As for the gold you've been dropping into the Cauldron, since no one has been keeping an eye on it, it, too is gone, but in its place the Leprechaun has left some (wrapped) candy for the kiddies. Keep your eye on the candy, or it, too, will disappear.

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