Crystal Clear Cups and Chicks

by Professor Spellbinder

If you don’t already do The Cups and Balls, I suggest you stop right there, put this article away in a safe place and begin by learning a simple but complete Cups and Balls routine. You can even begin with the cheap plastic cup set found in Dollar Stores. The point is, this is NOT for First Year Wizards or beginner magicians.

Ready to go on? Good! For this effect you will be using transparent disposable kiddie cups (of the type I found in my local supermarket ) and chenille baby chicks of the type you find in stores around Easter time.I provide on-line sources for both within the article.


The Magician or Wizard drinks a potion or water from a transparent cup, wipes it dry and turns it upside down on a table. A baby chenille chick (from now on I’ll drop the chenille part and just call them chicks) suddenly appears under the cup. Finding this curious, the magician turns two more cups upside down, but no chicks appear. The magician takes the chick out from under the middle cup and places it towards the front of the table, where it seems to come to life, pecking and hunting around in a small circle on the table. Suddenly two more chicks appear under the new cups, and when set in front of the cups, they too begin “walking” around with the other chick.

At this point, the knowing magician or Wizard does some additional cups and ball moves with the chicks, having worked out a personal routine for himself or herself. The chicks can do everything the balls do… penetrate the cups, gather under one cup, appear, disappear, and so on.

As a finale, some “super-ball” rubber eggs appear under the cups and when dropped on the floor, they begin to bounce in every direction. More and more eggs fall out of the cups until they cover the floor with their bouncing antics. The experienced Magician or Wizard can also work in other finales based on experience with regular cups and balls routines.

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