Boxful of Valentines and Balloons

"Paper Frame Box" by Jim Gerrish
"Out of My Wizard Hat" by Professor Spellbinder


The title and the photo do not do the effects justice. Jim Gerrish has invented a whole new production box with a large load delivery, and it doesn't even have a real name of its own. It is just the "Box" in the "Boxful" of Valentines trick. It's not even limited to Valentines and Balloons. That's just what Jim was producing from it this season. It can be used for producing silks, live doves, garlands, streamers, and whatever you want. In many production devices the load chamber is a fraction of the size of the box, but in this one, the load chamber is almost the same size as the box itself. I have convinced Jim to rename his part of the article "Paper Frame Box." P.S.

I believe this Paper Frame Box production is different enough from all other production boxes so that I can claim it as new and original. Of course, it uses basic principles of magic that are tried and true, but the method of being able to show it empty on all sides gives one a big advantage when the huge production is finally made.

To make this production box "Seasonal," you just need to add a cardboard or construction paper cutout to place over the tissue frame. For example, a large cutout heart over red tissue paper makes the box ready for Valentine's Day. A Tree-shaped cutout over green tissue paper turns it into a Christmas effect. For a non-specific use, use the new tie-dyed rainbow tissue paper just for color. J.G.

The second part of this article is my own Wizard style production device for the same types of Valentine Balloon loads as used in Jim Gerrish's effect. So in this article, you are getting two for the price of one!

I call this one "Out of My Wizard Hat," but it could also be used by Witches or even Clowns with a change of decoration. The Wizard removes his hat, turns it inside-out to show it empty, gives it a shake, and it turns into a large bag. Reaching into the bag, the Wizard produces all manner of wonderful objects including balloons, doves or whatever you have that can fit in a large laundry bag (even your Wizard laundry if you want some real laughs!). At the end, the bag may be refolded and turned back into the Wizard's hat again. Sure, you know the old Blendo Bag (sometimes called the "Bongo Bag" after Ali Bongo) ... but where did all that other stuff come from? Find out in this article.

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