Cut to the Heart

by Professor Spellbinder

The heart-shaped cards, complete with a transparent heart-shaped plastic container, are available from our on-line source mentioned in the article. You don't NEED to use the heart-shaped cards, but they make the effect unique and special for a Valentine's Day Demonstration of your Wizard powers.

Your spectators will find that they can't really shuffle heart shaped cards very well, so like the Tarot deck, mixing is the preferred way to randomize the deck. Place the cards on a table and show someone how to mix them around. When the head mixer feels the cards have been thoroughly randomized, she should gather the cards into a deck, place them back in the box face down and put the lid on the cards. Then the container of cards is handed to a second person.

The second person is instructed to carefully take the deck of cards from the container and cut the heart pack into two halves. One of the heart packs is picked up and a single card is secretly chosen from that half of the deck. The card is shown to people the spectator trusts from the heart. Then the card is cut back into the deck and the deck is once again placed into the container and finally handed back to the Wizard.

The Wizard points out that every card in a deck of playing cards has a "soul mate." The seven of hearts is soul mate to the seven of diamonds. The three of clubs is soul mate to the three of spades... and so on. You, the Wizard, will attempt to locate the soul mate of the card that the spectator chose by using your special powers of divination. You spread the deck out on the table face up. Let us imagine that the spectator freely chose the queen of hearts. The spectators see the Wizard pass right by the queen of diamonds and settle instead on some other card. That card is placed face down on the table with a confident smile. "I have found your card's soul mate," says the Wizard.

"Not so," said the spectator. "My card is right here." She points to the queen of hearts (for example).

"Push your card with your finger right over here beneath the card I chose as your card's soul mate," says the Wizard. "Now flip over the card I selected."

At that moment the card is seen to have changed into the queen of diamonds, or the correct soul mate of the card freely chosen by the spectator.

The knowledgeable card worker will know many ways to make the revelation even more magical, such as performing a snap change to change the wrong card into the right card, and so on. Feel free to improvise.

What the article provides is the method of knowing exactly what card was chosen and where it is in the deck after two different spectators do all the shuffling and choosing.

Two more bonus effects are given that take advantage of the special Valentine shaped playing cards shown above.

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