My D'Liteful Valentine

by Professor Spellbinder

There is an X-Treme version of this routine available, but we'll discuss the regular routine first.

You begin with a brief display of D'Lites. Every little kid magician has this trick in his repertoire and sometimes kids go on and on with it for five minutes of flashing D'Lites. Your audience may even groan when they see you start up. Don't worry. Just do a quick bit with your D'Lites and lead right into the production of the flashing pendant.

I got my blinky Heart Pendant from the local Dollar Store. They don't have to be Heart Shaped pendants and you are not limited to doing this just on Valentine's Day. The heart shaped pendant can be used all year 'round, but you could also use a smiley face pendant, etc.

Regular Version: I explain in the article how to produce the pendant following your D'Lite display, then vanish the pendant and use a laser penlight to track it's progress as it invisibly passes into a woman's purse out in the audience. She is not a stooge and is as surprised as anyone when the pendant begins blinking from inside her purse.

X-Treme Version: The X-Treme Version is exactly the same as the regular version, EXCEPT at the ending when you ask them to look closely at the Pendant and that's when they see a small photo of themselves WITH YOU. This is a photo they have no memory having taken.

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