Every Century Silks

by Eleazar Goodenough

I offer this in two forms: X-treme and Regular.

X-Treme Effect: Using my new T-Shirt Magic (see The Wizards' Journal #7), I produce two 18" white silks and stuff them into my side jeans pockets with the ends hanging out. They stay in plain view there until the end of the routine. Note: you don't have to do the T-shirt production of the white silks. Just produce two white silks according to your favorite method.

Now I produce the large 36" heart silk, looking something like the diagram on the left, only a little fancier with designs and colors. Check the Dollar stores and you'll find all sorts of Valentine themed designs. I use another T-shirt silk production method to produce the large heart silk- and again, you can use any production you like. The silk is not gimmicked in any way.

Now I have a young lady from the audience take the silk, and holding it for her on a large piece of stiff cardboard, I hand her a blue or green magic marker and have her print her name in large letters across the silk (as shown in diagram two). Professor Spellbinder said when he saw me do this the first time, his heart fluttered, remembering what 36 inch silks used to cost when he was my age. He told me that's the reason why he didn't invent this trick first!

I have her place the signed silk into a transparent red plastic see-through candy box that I found in the Dollar store. You can see the silk in the box at all times up until the end. When the young lady places the silk in the box, I show her how to push an end of the silk out of each hole. Then the top is put on and transparent cellophane tape is wrapped around the box to seal it.

The young lady stands off to the side, holding the box containing the heart silk. In the meantime, I get a box of Valentine chocolates and entertain her with a version of the Four Traveling Balls (Tarbell - Volume 1), only using chocolates and the two white silks from my pockets as the covers. This trick is optional and you can substitute any other magic trick in this spot.

I ask the young lady to prove that her signed heart silk is still in the container by pulling it out by one of the ends and showing it to the audience. To her (and the audience's) amazement, the heart silk has been vandalized! The hearts have been cut out of the design, leaving only large holes. Her signature is not there.

I "accuse" her of destroying the scarf. "That's not the scarf I gave you for Valentine's day! You don't love me anymore!" I hold up the scarf so all can see the open holes. "Where's the scarf I gave you?"

Naturally, she doesn't know. I ask her to pull on one of the white handkerchiefs sticking out of my pockets. It doesn't matter which one. When she pulls on the handkerchief, it comes out with the original signed silk tied to it, and it is also knotted to the other white silk which vanishes into one pocket and comes out the other. In addition to her original signature, she sees that I have somehow magically added my own so that it now reads as shown in the third diagram above. I get a hug from my volunteer and give her the scarf as a souvenir.

Regular Effect: Produce the two white silks, and push one into each pants pocket, leaving the ends hanging out. Produce the heart silk, then vanish it using your favorite means. Have someone pull on either of the white silks sticking out of your pockets and out comes the chain of three knotted silks- white silk, heart silk, other white silk (which is pulled into the opposite pants pocket and comes out of the pocket they are pulling the silks from). Easy to do, nothing X-Treme and you can do it again and again using the same ungimmicked silks (not in the same show, of course!).

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