T-Shirt Magic

by Eleazar Goodenough

Today's young magicians perform in venues where suits, tuxedos and other dressy clothes are out of place. I have a triple problem of being an independent magician, a member of the Wiz Kids Troupe, and a Wizard. My Wizard robes are even more out of place in certain venues than my tuxedo would be.

As a Wiz Kid, our troupe performs together, so we must all look pretty much alike. The Wiz Kids traditionally (going all the way back to 1980!) wore sweat shirts or T-shirts with the Wiz Kid logo on it, and that is probably more suitable as a performing costume for young magicians. The problem with the sweat shirt and the T-shirt is that you don't have the wonderful pockets and sleeves of the Wizard Robe and Tuxedo. The challenge was to re-think the T-shirt as a performer's tool for magic.

The following just represents one possible routine for some (not all) of the effects possible with my T-Shirt improvements. Although the following description is for a silk routine, the article describes the use of the T-Shirt for producing live doves, for coin, card magic effects and rope effects as well. Also, please don't think you are limited to the one design pictured above. The sayings on the T-shirt as well as the designs are limited only by your imagination.

One possible set of Effects used for teaching purposes in the article:

A single silk appears in the air and you snatch it out of the air. Suddenly two more silks join it. Tuck the three silks into your T-shirt neck (like a bib). A fourth silk makes its appearance from your hand. Hold out that silk at the corners and produce two more silks beside it. Grab the ends of those three, pull out the silks being held in your neck band behind the six silks and end with a flash Blendo/confetti transformation. Toss the Blendo into a basket or other container and you are left clean. The explanations given for this routine will start you realizing what a powerful magical gimmick your T-Shirt can be.

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