by Professor Spellbinder

Poltergeist is a German word that means literally Noisy Ghost.

"It's a nasty little feller and I've got one right here in this box," says the Wizard, showing a small wooden chest. He places the box on the floor and it jumps about nervously as if something inside wants to get outside.

"Poltergeists" can normally go right through walls and doors, and an ordinary wooden box wouldn't be able to hold one," explains the Wizard. "However, this box has been treated with spells. Notice the pentagrams carved on all six sides of the box." Here he picks up the box and shows it all around.

"I need a brave person, someone who isn't afraid of ghosts," says the Wizard. Once he has selected a "volunteer" he has the Muggle hold the box by the handle on top of it. "Do you feel something trying to get out?" asks the Wizard. The Muggle will agree that it certainly feels like it, as the box squirms and wiggles in his hand.

The Wizard gets a butterfly net and stands close to the box. "You open the box and I'll catch the poltergeist in this net," says the Wizard. Following the Wizard's specific directions, the Muggle pulls a latch on the top of the box. Suddenly the box falls to pieces all over the floor and the Wizard screams "Now you've done it! He's gotten away! You'd better sit down until I can figure out how to get him back in his box." The Wizard snatches at the air with his butterfly net and soon there is a struggle as something invisible is apparently caught in the net, but it is stronger than the Wizard and soon the net goes flying into the stage wings.

"Poltergeists are curious beings," said the Wizard. "They watch humans closely to find out how they can annoy them the most, so I'll have to apply ghost psychology to get this one back in a box." The Wizard picks up the pieces of the broken box from the floor and dumps them into a waste basket. "First, I'll need to get a new box."

The Wizard picks up a small wooden box with a hinged lid (Craft Shop - $2). "This ought to do the trick. Now to carve some pentagrams on all six sides." The Wizard waves his wand and suddenly there is a burning flash and flaming pentagrams appear on the sides of the box, seeming to burn themselves into the wood of the box. The Wizard opens the box and sets it on his table after removing the tablecloth. Then he places on the table a candle in a candlestick. He also places on the table an old fashioned school bell with a handle, a tambourine, a glass filled with milk (into which he drops a straw), and a can of Pringles® Brand potato chips. "In case he's hungry," says the Wizard.

Now the wizard grabs the tablecloth and holds it high over the table. He lowers the cloth slowly to cover up the items on the table, all but the open box which can be seen at the edge of the table. The unlit candle can be seen behind the cloth, and the Wizard raises the cloth a bit to hide it, then lowers it to show that the candle is now lit.

"Shhh!" says the Wizard. "He's playing with us!" The Wizard raises the cloth again and the candle stick rises and floats behind the cloth. Then the candle drops out of sight and the bell is heard ringing. Occasionally the bell can be seen floating above the cloth and bumping into it. Now the tambourine takes over and begins a noisy dance on the rim of the table cloth. "Have some chips," says the Wizard to the ghost. The Pringles can flies around behind the cloth and then potato chips begin flying over the top of the cloth. "Have a drink of milk!" suggests the Wizard. He raises the cloth into the air and the audience can see the level of milk in the glass fall as the poltergeist apparently takes a drink. "Now if you only had a quiet spot where you could take a nice little nap after the workout you've had!" Suddenly the lid of the box closes and the Wizard drops the table cloth and pounces on the box. "Got you! I'll just put this away where it will be safe! In the meantime..." He hands the can of Pringles to the Muggle who was brave enough to help him. "The poltergeist didn't eat all of the chips, so you can share these with your friends."

Sooner or later the Muggle will open the can of Pringles only to have three giant spring snakes fly out for a funny/scary finish.

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