Appearing Goldfish

by Professor Spellbinder

This is a solution to creating a grand finale for my Chinese Fish Sticks, elsewhere in this issue #6 of The Wizards' Journal. That trick ends with the production of two large cloth goldfish on the ends of the two Chinese Fish Sticks. I wanted to be able to remove the cloth fish, drop them in a bowl of water and have them transform into living gold fish.

However, in solving that problem, I also realized that someone else might want to do the Appearing Goldfish as a completely separate effect, so I decided to release both effects separately.

Depending on your need, Effect # 1 is: You do the Chinese Fish Sticks, ending with the "capture" of two cloth goldfish. You hand the sticks to your audience helper from that trick. You pick up an empty goldfish bowl and proceed to fill it with clear water from a clear pitcher (ungimmicked). You then remove the cloth goldfish from the Fish Sticks, drop them into the goldfish bowl and display two live goldfish that immediately appear in the bowl.

Effect #2: You fill an empty goldfish bowl with water, wave your wand over it and two (or more) goldfish appear swimming in the water.

Effect #3: (added bonus) You produce the goldfish bowl already filled with clear water. Suddenly the bowl is filled with two or more live goldfish.

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