Chinese Fish Sticks

by Professor Spellbinder

I have been trying very hard for a very long time to come up with a new twist on the old Chinese Sticks. When you look at the photo above, old-timers will think I didn't succeed. It looks just like the same old Chinese Stick design we all grew up and grew old with. But wait! Inscrutable new secrets will unfold!

The Wizard invites a young helper to assist him to do some fishing. The Wizard picks up the black fishing poles and shows them to be simple smooth plastic hollow poles (do-it-yourself plans are included to make the sticks from PVC Pipe!). The Wizard can even blow through them.

Then the Wizard shows some white short tips. He shows his young helper that they already have a very short fishline going through each tip, and that they simply need some bait on the hooks to be used for fishing. The Wizard displays a can marked BAIT that contains some rubber worms or candy gummy worms.

The Wizard demonstrates how to tie a worm on the hook of one of the fishing poles. Then he hands a worm to his young helper and holds the hook so the helper can tie his worm to the other pole. That's right. You just tie them on with a simple knot. In the process of doing this, you have converted the two black poles with white tips into a "regular" set of Chinese Sticks that you can use to do all your favorite Chinese Sticks schtick. If you don't have a favorite Chinese Sticks routine yet, we give you a starter routine in the article.At the end of the routine, when the strings in both sticks are stuck in the "long" position, two cloth goldfish appear on the ends in place of the worms you were using as "bait." That's why this is ideal to combine with the Appearing Goldfish in the next article, so you can transform the cloth fish into two real live goldfish!

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