Better Book Test

by Professor Spellbinder

After reading some descriptions of book tests in the magic literature, most of which force a page and the word to be chosen by some obvious mathematical scheme, I decided that I could invent a Better Book Test. Here it is!

Any bookmark (it could be a playing card used as a bookmark- it doesn't matter!) is stuck randomly in between the pages of a randomly chosen book by Spectator #1. Spectator #2 takes the book and freely calls out a number between 1 and 20 (or so) before handing the book to Spectator #3. Spectator #3 opens the book at the bookmark, counts down the lines of text to the number chosen by Spectator #2 and writes down the first word on the line at the same time as the mentalist writes down a word on a pad. Both show their words at the same time and the words match. Not only that, but the mentalist often can recite the entire sentence containing the word.

This makes an ideal effect for a library show. Have the librarian haul out the complete set of Harry Potter books to use for your random selection, or any books that match their current reading theme.

The current Pre-Teen Reading fad is the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books by Rick Riordan. This allows you to become the "Oracle" and go into a trance for your act. Green mist is optional.

The method used allows for an even more mysterious presentation in which you have Spectator #3 merely point to the first word of ANY sentence or paragraph on the page chosen OR the adjoining page. Then you recite the entire passage the person is pointing at. First, of course, you would both write the first word of the sentence or paragraph, and then you would say, for example, "This is one of my favorite parts of the book!" Conclude by reciting the entire passage aloud.

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