Giant Monte

by Professor Spellbinder

While I was at a Party Shop, I saw a package of JUMBO-JUMBO cards used to decorate for a card party. The huge cards come with an Ace of Spades, a Queen of Clubs, a Jack of Diamonds and a King of Hearts and the cards even have backs. I knew just what a magician/wizard could do with them!

I show each of the four cards front and back. I also demonstrate how, because of their large size, there's no way I can do any trickery with them. I can't hide them, even behind my back, or shuffle them, or deal them. So I'll simply use them to play MEMORY with the kids.

I place all four cards, fanned out, under a cloth. Then I begin removing the cards one by one. As I remove each card, I show it front and back. I take away the Ace and that leaves... and I get the kids to shout out the names of the cards left under the cloth. I take away the JACK and that leaves... I take away the KING and that leaves... right! The Queen is all alone under the cloth.

I'll try one last time to fool their memories. I very slowly turn the card and cloth around, then remove the cloth, show it empty and toss it aside. Look! The card has vanished! All we see is the back of a giant card with the word VANISHED! written on the back.

The kids aren't fooled. They tell me to turn it around. After playing the "turn it around" game with them for a bit, I finally turn the card around and they see that it is NOT the queen, but the ACE. I pick up the other cards I removed earlier, and there is no ACE, just the KING and the JACK. So where's the queen? I turn around, looking for the Queen and they finally see it hanging on my back.

The whole trick costs whatever you pay for two packs of the jumbo cards at any party store, on-line or off-line, and that's no line!

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