by Professor Spellbinder

This will work with regular playing cards as well as the larger sizes of Tarot Cards. However, since we have a large number of magicians now reading The Wizards' Journal, we'll show how to do the effect with regular playing cards and assume the Wizards can adapt it to the larger Tarot brands.

After doing some standard Tarot reading stuff (with either Tarot or normal playing cards), I have someone slide a card to the edge of a table and I hand the person a sharpie pen to make a mystic symbol on the front of the card, and perhaps put their initials or a nickname on the card as well, so the "spirits will know whom to blame."

As they do so, I bring out a tiny wooden jewelry box (craft store) and set it next to the deck so they can see how small it is in comparison to the normal sized cards. I ask the person to look at the card she has chosen (I almost always pick a woman for this effect because I like they way they scream at the ending!).

Then I ask her to mix her card back into the deck and put the entire deck of cards into the tiny wooden box. Of course, this seems impossible, but then I take the deck and squeeze it, shrinking it down to a tiny deck of cards which just fits into the small box. I hand her the wooden box and ask her to hold it while I go on to something else. Every once in a while, I ask her if she still has my cards because I will need them later. She answers "Yes" and I continue with some other demonstration or trick.

Finally, I ask her to dump the card deck into my hand. I hold out my hand and when she opens the box, all that is inside is one single tiny card... the one she chose. When she turns the card over, she sees that whatever she wrote on the large card is still there in her own handwriting, but it has all been shrunken along with the card.

That's usually when she starts screaming. I let her keep the card as a souvenir after I affix a sticker with my name and phone number.

There is no need to force a card, since she is going to write on the face of the card and therefore might as well have a perfectly free choice.

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