Fair Exchange

by Professor Spellbinder

I begin by asking a member of the audience for some coins to use for magical purposes.

"Just bring out a handful of change," I ask, "whatever you have in your pocket."

Then I look the coins over. "You don't have any gold doubloons," I notice. "Never mind. I can convert them using the Gringott's Bank ATM."

I then bring out an empty cloth or leather bag with a string closer top. On mine I have large letters A.T.M. "Sure, this is my ATM... Always Trust Me. Drop your coins in the bag."

The spectator drops his handful of change in the bag. Wham! I slap the bag on the table and then make the coins jingle. Then I dump out the coins and show that I have four and one half gold doubloons. I pick up the half-coin "That's because of the Fair Exchange rate. Money isn't worth what it used to be worth these days."

Now I go into a Han Ping Chien "coins across" with the gold coins and the half coin. While I have Professor Kyva visiting, I take advantage of his friendship by getting him to pose for the photos to explain the Han Ping Chien variations he uses to accomplish this effect.

Afterwards, I drop the coins back into the bag and WHAM! hit it on the table again. This time I dump out the original spectator's change into his hand and thank him for the use of his money. I hand him a complimentary A.T.M. card to remember me by, which, quite coincidentally, has my name and phone number on it as well.

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