What's a Verified Magician?

A Verified Magician is someone who can PROVE that he or she is a magician.

Why do you need to verify magicians? Isn't it just enough that I say I am a magician?

We have been verifying our customers as magicians since day one, but recently, probably because of the increased use of the Internet and Social Media, etc., we began to notice an increase in the number of people who were just curious and wanted to learn magic secrets. Some were violating copyright laws and re-selling our e-Books to who knows who? So, to protect our magic secrets from those who had no need for them but who merely wanted them to re-sell for profits or whatever, we have been requiring all new customers, recognizable by their e-mail addresses not being on file, to verify themselves, as well as doing our usual best to verify them independently.

In the recent past, it was enough for magicians to mention the names of famous magicians as "proof" that they were verified magicians - usually bringing up the name Dai Vernon would do it. So many non-magicians began by naming modern magicians who appear on YouTube or on social media. We aren't interested in having you recite a list of famous magicians; that proves nothing about YOU.

How do you PROVE that you are a magician over the Internet?

We won't give you that information. We leave verification up to you. Magicians have to PROVE that they are magicians every time they perform. We don't care if you are an amateur or a professional, male or female, young or old. If you are a magician you will be able to verify it. If not, we refund any money you sent, because you can't be a customer of The Magic Nook.

Give me some clues.

PROOF is NOT talking or writing about yourself, or your history, how long you have been "in" magic, what clubs you belong to, who you know, who knows you, etc. SHOW me who and what you are, don't tell me. Convince me you are just as serious about magic as I am.

Maybe it would help to know the kinds of answers or information that we do NOT accept because they are not PROOF, but just a lot of talk or writing without verifying.

Here are some things we are NOT INTERESTED in because they DO NOT verify that you are a magician:

No, I don't care how many years you claim to have been "in magic" because you have no way to prove that and I have no interest in it. I have seen
Wiz Kids who developed into verified magicians after a few months, so "years spent" has no meaning for me. It's how you spend the time you have that makes you a magician or not.

No, I don't care how many magic books you have in your "library" because I am not coming to your house to count them, and I don't know if you read any of them and understand them all. Not everyone learns from books, and that includes magicians.
A photograph of magic books on a shelf is NOT PROOF that the books belong to you and were read by you.

No, I don't want to see your "magic collection" because magic props aren't made to sit on a shelf and be looked at. Magic is a performing art, and if you don't perform with your various props, you aren't a magician but an on-looker. A photograph of magic tricks on a shelf is NOT PROOF that the tricks belong to you and were performed by you.

No, I don't want to see your "business card." You don't need a business card to be a magician. If that was all it took, everyone in the world could claim to be anything without proof.

No, I don't care if you're an amateur or a "professional". A magician is a magician; whether he makes money from it or not is between him and the IRS.

No, I do not care that you claim to be a member of a magic club and I do not have time nor energy nor the will to track down your claims of membership to see if they are true. Even the big clubs like the I.B.M. and S.A.M. will accept members that they have never verified are actual magicians.
A photo of your membership card proves only that you may have a card (they are easy to counterfeit on any computer). The same applies to magicians you claim to know, or whom you may have met, or who may "vouch" for you. If you can't vouch for yourself, you are not a magician.

Do not require us to view your verification proof on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google Drive ...etc. all of which require us to be members and wastes our time on viewing all kinds of irrelevant personal stuff to seek out your so-called proof.

No, I don't care where you say you have performed in the past. I have no way to verify that and although you may have proof of those claims, you did not bother to send any proof, just the claims.

Regarding still photographs, posters, videos, etc.: They are only good if they positively identify you by name as the person performing, and they show all of you, not just parts of "someone's" body performing "magic tricks."

If you feel that you are being insulted by being asked to verify that you are a magician, we will happily refund any money you sent back to PayPal and try our best to get along without you as a customer.

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