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The Invisible Tarot Complete
by Professor Spellbinder

You get all 13 different routines and effects by Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish that are described in detail within the e-Book, including the 10 e-Books shown below. Instructions for making the cards yourself are given, along with all sources OR you can order a complete set of the 78 Tarot Cards as pictured for $26.00 from Make Playing Cards HERE:

Order the deck of 78 all blank cards HERE:

Routines by Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish are described in detail within the e-Book which is sent by e-mail within 24 hours of receipt of your payment from PayPal.

The 13 different Routines include:

The Invisible Tarot, by Professor Spellbinder. This is the routine for which the deck was named. 9 of the 78 blank Tarot cards, freely chosen by a spectator, begin to acquire backs and then acquire Classic Tarot faces as a typical Tarot reading individualized for the spectator commences. The cards used permit many different outcomes and no two persons get the same reading.

Professor Spellbinder's Invisible Tarot from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

At the end of the routine, the cards can become blank once more using an optional Tarot Cloth Blank-Out effect.

Using the Card Box, by Professor Spellbinder. The window card box is used to conceal and switch cards and groups of cards as needed. Sources are given for purchasing the window card boxes professionally made, or you can make the boxes yourself.

Death and Taxes, by Jim Gerrish. A Wild Card routine in reverse, in which nine different Tarot Card images begin to transform into Death cards plus a new Tarot design included by Jim just for this deck- L'Uomo Fiscale - The Taxman.

Live Long and Prosper, by Jim Gerrish. A variation of Dr. Daley's Last Trick in which four Death Cards are transformed back into regular Classic Tarot images of your choice, but Jim likes to use the Hermit and the Wheel of Fortune among them so he can give the special reading: "Live Long and Prosper" and throw up the Vulcan hand signal.

The Rising Tarot Card, by Professor Spellbinder. Another use for the card box as a houlette is described, and any Tarot Card chosen can rise mysteriously out of the deck when summoned.

The Haunted Deck, by Professor Spellbinder. Any Tarot Cards come mysteriously sliding out of the horizontal deck while held in the performer's bare hand.

Devil Cursed Tarot Wild Card, by Professor Spellbinder and Jim Gerrish. Based on Peter Kane's Gypsy Curse, seven of Jim's new Taxman cards transform into seven Il Diavolo - The Devil - cards along the road to Hell.

Color Tarot Monte, by Professor Spellbinder. Based on Jim Temple's Color Monte, any three Tarot images may be used in this retelling of an ancient tale of greed and its consequences.

Vanishing Tarot Cards, by Professor Spellbinder. Any three of four Tarot Images revert back to blank cards when touched by spectators. The fourth card which remains is the spectator's lucky card... until the spectator wishes to use it and discovers that it too is either blank or has completely disappeared.

Tarot Card Affinity, by Jim Gerrish. Based on some moves by Bob Cassidy, and used with his permission, ten Tarot Images chosen by a spectator at random are mixed and sealed from sight. The soothsayer (that's you!) has an affinity with the cards and is able to name any card called for at any number in the pack of ten cards. Furthermore, one of the ten cards peeked at and chosen by the spectator vanishes from among the ten and the spectator (and anyone else watching) loses his memory (and the written evidence) of exactly what card that was when the "Angel of Mericiful Forgetfulness" passes by.

Tarot Card Affinity by Jim Gerrish from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Tarot Transposition, by Jim Gerrish. Based on Insto-Transpo by Ted Annemann, a spectator chooses a Tarot card to represent himself, and affixes a sticker to it with his signature or initials on it. The card is then sealed in plain sight and given to the spectator to hold. The performer then chooses a Tarot card and signs it in the same way, but on a different colored sticker. The performer seals his card in plain sight and then shows the spectator how to cast a transposition spell. The spectator now unseals his card and finds the performer's card and signed sticker, while the performer has the spectator's card and signed sticker.

Smokin' Spirit Message, by Jim Gerrish. Based on U.F. Grant's "A Spirit Message,"a Death card is trapped between two other tarot cards and held in the smoke over a piece of paper as it burns to ashes. When the combustion is complete, the Death card is freed to reveal that it has stuck to it a piece of paper burnt at the edges and containing a smokey charcoal written message from the spirit world.

Everything you need to know is in the 98 page e-Book that is delivered by e-mail. Although we no longer sell the cards, instructions are given for making them yourself, or having them printed up professionally from :

Invisible Tarot COMPLETE



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