The Wiz Kids'

PVC Pipe and Dollar Store Illusions
for the REALLY,REALLY CHEAP Illusionist!
by Jim Gerrish

Build-It-Yourself at a cost of $5 - $20 bucks per Illusion!

Book 2 - Items 1 - 10

Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
Once you learn the secret, you cannot unlearn it, so you can't request a refund.

1 Transfigmigration Illusion
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



Transfigmigration: A made-up word from "Transfiguration" and "Migration" that describes what the audience sees happening. The Illusionist is wrapped up in a cloth and is transfigured into someone else. At the same instant of time, he migrates to the back of the audience.

2 Square-Square Illusion
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



Resembles a giant "Square Circle," but built from PVC pipe. It consists of two rectangular boxes that are shown empty before making a tremendous production of "stuff," plus your assistant. Can also be used as a "Boy To Rabbit" Illusion, and can be performed completely surrounded.

3. Shower Illusion
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



Your beautiful assistant decides to take a shower onstage (real water!). We get to see her shadow silhouette on the front shower curtain as she does so, but just as things get interesting, she vanishes. Can also be used to replicate the shower scene from Psycho!

4. Die-A-Bolical
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



A small (2'x2'x2') Die is wheeled out on a platform. The Die is completely opened up and both sides of all six sides (including the bottom) are shown. The Die is reassembled and silks are produced by reaching into the Die's big black spots. Finally. your assistant is produced from the Die.Also shows how to convert to a version of DeKolta's Expanding Die Illusion.

5. Double-Split Palanquin
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



It's the Palanquin split in half! Both halves are wheeled out on separate small bases, showing completely inside the Illusion. The half-cabinets are joined into one and TWO women make their appearance.

6. Litter Vanish
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



An original Illusion in which a woman is carried through the audience and onto the stage in a litter draped with filmy gauze curtains. She waves and blows kisses to the audience. The Illusionist reaches for her hand to kiss it, but she slaps him in the face. Enraged, he tears the litter apart only to find that the lady has vanished. Tie-in to the Palanquin in presentation.

7. The Million Dollar Mystery
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



This won't cost a million dollars to build, but it could cost as much as $500 to make, UNLESS you happen to have the necessary parts already in your workshop or garage.

Effect: From an empty tiny (2 foot cube) box isolated at the top of a step ladder in the center of the stage, a HUGE production is made, and not just of standard collapsible production items, but solid items such as wooden baseball bats, real lamps, animals of many types (not limited to docile doves and rabbits). Finally, one or more people can be produced from the box.

8. Light Box Platform
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Prop - $7.00)



A small lighted platform with deceptive qualities which make it useful for appearances and disappearances.

9. Vampire Cape Vanish
(Plans and Secret for JUST THIS Illusion - $7.00)



The Vampire wears a cape. He turns around with his back to the audience. The Vampire hunter grabs the Vampire's cape, which flies up into the air several feet before collapsing back to earth...empty! Can be used with the above Light Box Platform.

10. Assorted Illusionettes
(Plans and Secret for JUST THESE 3 Illusionettes - $7.00)



Illusionettes are often classified as "stage magic" by magic dealers. They are too small to be Illusions, yet large enough to be seen from any stage. We offer: The Bengal Net; The Flaming Doves Vanish; The Torture Bar Penetration/Escape.

Complete Version of Book 2 - All 10 Construction plans, secrets of each Illusion, tips on performing all of the Illusions: $50.00 - The information will be e-mailed as a pdf file once payment has been made.

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There are NO refunds on magical secrets. Once you learn the secret, you cannot unlearn it, so you can't request a refund. If you wish to remain ignorant of the secrets, don't buy the plans at all.

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NEW! Book 4! Even MORE PVC Pipe and Dollar Store Illusions!


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