Paying by OTHER SOURCES besides PayPal:

The Magic Nook accepts payment from the on-line Sources shown below. You have to include the full information about an e-Book in your order and send $7.00 for each item purchased ($5.00 for Qua-Fiki's Corner items).

Sample Orders:

From the Wizards Journals: WJ44-03 Cuff Linked by Jim Gerrish $7.00

From MiniMysteries: MM-04 Winston Freer's Tile Deal Puzzle $7.00

From Hardboard and Duct Tape : HDDTB1-02 Black Art Table Top $7.00

From Dollarstore Magic Book 1: DS01-07 A Dollar for your Thoughts! $7.00

From Qua-Fiki's Corner Book 1: QF01-05 Sharkey and His Gang $5.00

If there is any doubt on how to order a particular product, just e-mail us and ask for help.

Pay by:




Others being added as needed.

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