Magic Nook Independent Authors

All of our Authors receive 100% of the earnings from their e-books and e-articles, less PayPal processing fees.

Authors are considered "Staff Authors" when the Magic Nook handles their payments (quarterly) and e-mails. Examples of Magic Nook Staff Authors: Phineas Spellbinder (of course!), Jim Gerrish, Fred Goode, Eleazar Goodenough, and Stephen Christopher.

"Independent Authors" handle their own payments through their own independent PayPal accounts. That means you can't add their items to the Magic Nook shopping cart and have to order their items separately from Magic Nook items. They also deliver the e-books and e-articles to you themselves, and answer your e-mail questions about the items. We can assist them (when they are on tours, vacations, etc.) or if your e-mail to one of our independent authors goes unanswered for more than 24 hours, we can try to assist you or get in touch with them for you. Examples of Magic Nook Independent Authors: Magicbob and Brian Miller.

All the materials produced and sold by our Staff and Independent Authors are personally checked, edited and approved by me, Professor Spellbinder. If something is incorrect, I take the blame. Our authors abide by the same policies as The Magic Nook and as our loyal customers know, customer service and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities.


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