The Hardboard and Duct Tape Magic Show

BOOK TWO By Jim Gerrish

In Book Two, we will be making some narrow tube-like tricks, beginning with the Genii Tube. One of the tools you should add to your arsenel is a good Circular Saw. It doesn't have to be expensive. The one I'm using is a $50 saw from Sears.

The sabre saw was good enough for the projects in Book One, but compare the two sides of the hardboard shown in the photo above. The left side was cut with a curcular saw, using a Wood guide. You make the guide yourself. It's just a two foot long piece of pine with a straight edge. To make sure you get a nice straight piece of pine, look down the edge from one end of the wood. If it looks crooked, throw it back. Light travels in a straight line, so by viewing the wood from this angle, you can see if the wood is straight or curved. Glue and SCREW the pine board to a piece of plywood that is at least 1/2 inch thick.

Your very first cut can be to trim the end of the plywood to make your guide. Press the edge of the circular saw's metal guide plate up against the pine wood board and cut through the plywood. You'll find you can zip right through it without having to look at the lines!

Above, I have started cutting out the strips that will form the Genii Tube project. I draw lines on the hardboard, and then line up the edge of my plywood wood guide so it is right on top of the line drawn on the hardboard. Make sure it is also over the edge of your work bench or you'll saw your bench to pieces! Now you can saw right down the wood guide without hesitation and make a prefect cut. For hardboard, I use a saw blade that is designed for smooth cuts and has 150 teeth.

In less than five minutes I cut out all the pieces needed to make the Genii Tube, and the edges were all nice and straight. After using this method, you may wish to revisit Book 1 and cut out your pieces this way. Keep in mind, that if you don't have a circular saw, don't let that stop you from continuing to make all the props with the sabre saw. It's just that you'll see a big difference in the straight edges you can cut if you start using a circular saw when possible. We'll still need the sabre saw for internal cuts, however, so don't get rid of it just yet!

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