New Proxy Chests

by Jim Gerrish

Based on the original Proxy Chest by U.F. Grant, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki made this smaller version to fit the little dolls that he uses in his Houdini Trunk Escape routine shown on the video below. The e-Book shows the entire process from building the boxes to performing with them.

One Effect of many possible effects: Borrow a ring or a key or a coin from a member of the audience. Place this inside an ordinary ungimmicked handkerchief and give it to someone to guard and hold. Now take out your small bendable Houdini doll and Bess doll (which I show you how to make). Bring out the New Proxy Chests and show them inside and out, each separately. The "trunk" contains a cloth bag and some ribbons. Show the bag inside and out, and let a spectator place Houdini inside the bag and pull the cords to close it. The bag containing Houdini is then lowered into the small box, or trunk, and it is tied with ribbons.

Show a large silk hanky that you will use to cover the boxes, place it over the boxes and place Bess on top of everything. Now put Bess under the silk but still on top of the two boxes. Suddenly remove the silk and reveal that Houdini is on top of the boxes. Go to the spectator holding the borrowed item and whip away the handkerchief, opening it to show that the object has vanished. Remove the outer box and untie the trunk. Open the trunk and bring out the top of the cloth pull-cord bag. Let a spectator lift out the bag and open it to reveal not only Bess, but the borrowed item as well. If you already own an old Grant or Mak made Proxy Chest, I show you how to convert it into a NEW Proxy Chest. If you don't own a Proxy Chest, I show you how to build a set for yourself, in any size, from hardboard and duct tape, or plywood and hinges.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki performs a simplified version of his Harry and Bess routine on video HERE:

New Proxy Chests by Jim Gerrish from James Gerrish on Vimeo.


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