Tear Apart & Take Apart Dove Vanishes

by Jim Gerrish

The difference between the “Take-Apart Vanishes” and “Tear-Apart Vanishes” is that the Tear Apart box is made up of frames which are filled with newspaper, comic book paper, cheap gift wrap, colored tissue, and the like. In showing the pieces “bird-free” at the end, you tear out the paper centers of the frames, apparently leaving nowhere for the birds to be except “vanished.” Take-Apart Vanish boxes are made of solid pieces and can be smaller because of that.

We begin with two different versions of the Tear-Apart Dove Vanish, one of which can be handed to a spectator at the end.

Then we will build two different versions of the Take-Apart Dove Vanish, but unlike most of the versions being marketed, when you take the pieces apart, you can hand them to a spectator to hold... they are BOTH that clean!

Each of the boxes has its place in a show. Each costs about $10 to build and can be made in a week-end with simple tools: a power circular saw, power sabre saw (or hand saws) and a power drill, hammer, nails, duct tape and paint. All four boxes are animal friendly and can be built in larger sizes to accomodate rabbits, and tinier sizes for canaries and parakeets.


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