Chocolate Bunny Box

by Jim Gerrish

I don’t want anyone to feel cheated that this project doesn’t depend just on duct tape to hold the bunny box together. If it is used as a dove production, duct tape would be fine, but put a live kicking hopping bunny in a box and you’d better have it reinforced. So we will still use some duct tape, just not as much. This box is made strong to hold a bunny.


The magician uses a tabletop “stove” to cook up some chocolate chips into a chocolate bunny, and then inside the “oven” the chocolate bunny changes to a real live bunny for the finale.

If you're a "stick-in-the-mud" and don't like chocolate, you can use it as a "traditional" bunny box. In that version, you draw a picture of a bunny on a chalk board, then insert the chalkboard into the back of the box. Open up the box from time to time to see if your drawing has “come to life.” When you are ready to make the bunny appear, out he comes. It’s all self-contained in the box.

Alternately, the box can become a “mail-box” used to send Santa Claus a letter requesting a magic bunny for your act. The letter changes into the bunny at the end.

Can also be used to change a bunny balloon animal into a live bunny, or pop a round balloon and find a bunny inside, perform silks to bunny, and probably a lot of other transformations which end up with livestock of some type or other. A small puppy or kitten would also fit into this box.


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