Production Tubes

by Jim Gerrish

There are many production boxes/tubes that are easily converted to hardboard and duct tape props for the home grown magic show. Let’s make all of them at once… or at least combine several.

This effect combines the Louis Histed Square Circle, with the Kuma Tubes or Buddha Tubes of uncertain origin, but named after Kinjiro Tanko Kumajo, better known as Kuma, who impressed a lot of his contemporary peers (including Okito) with his presentation.

A big feature of the Kuma Tubes was the final production of a brass vase apparently filled with water. Once the brass vase was removed from the tubes, it was shown to be too large to fit back inside the tubes.

Instead of a brass vase, I’ve substituted a goldfish bowl filled with water and live (or fake) goldfish. The goldfish bowl is larger in diameter than the tubes from which it was produced, in true Kuma Tube fashion. Then I top that by producing a vase filled with flowers that is also larger than the tube from which it came. Everything (except the glass fishbowl and flowers) can be made from hardboard and duct tape and maybe some Dollar Store odds and ends for decoration).


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