Forgetful Whomever

By Jim Gerrish

There are a large number of Forgetful Freddy variations: Forgetful Eddie, Forgetful Frieda, Forgetful Frankenstein, Airhead Rudy, Forgetful Santa, Forgetful Gorilla, Cub Scout, Grandma … and the list goes on and on. In MOST of them, the plot is the same. The Forgetful Whomever loses his/her head. It vanishes, usually in a Devil’s Hank. A Balloon is placed on top of the body as a replacement for the head. The balloon breaks, and the head is back. Cheers! Applesauce!

In trying to come up with my own version, I again chose the wily coyote character that I had used in my Hippity Hop Whatevers and Run, Roadrunner, Run (included in earlier articles in this very book!).

I also wanted to NOT use a Devil’s Hank to vanish the coyote's head. For one thing, it’s what every other magician and his brother are doing; for another I wanted to use the Devil’s Hank for a different effect and I don’t believe in using the same principles twice in the same show, even if the hanks are different in appearance. To make a short story shorter, I invented the “Optical Delusionator.”

The Optical Delusionator is a box into which I can insert the coyote’s head (or any other character’s head) and cause it to visibly shrink down to about the size of a silver dollar. I then remove the tiny (by comparison) head and vanish it, usually in a flash of flame as befits the wily coyote.

Let’s get to building!

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