Flip Over Box Revisited


It begins with the open box on your table. The box is closed. Reach into the large holes in each to produce a (for example) blue silk from one hole and a green silk from the other. The doors of the box fall open and the audience sees the two silks partially in and out of the box. The two silks are removed and the box is closed and put back on your table. You now produce a red silk (for example) and from all three silks bunched together, produce a white dove.

Hand the dove to your assistant, or put it on a dove-holding stand. Pick up the blue and green silks and tie them together. Open the box and poke one end of the blue silk through one of the side holes, and the green silk through the other. Now pick up the red silk and vanish by your favorite method. If you don’t have a favorite method yet, we give you your first from Jean Hugard.

Display the dove, then place it into the box with the blue and green silks which remain protruding from the holes on either side. You may invite two spectators to hold the silks without pulling them out of the box. Flip the box forward towards the audience, letting both doors fall open. The dove vanishes, but the red silk reappears tied between the blue silk and the green silk. Ask one of the spectators to pull the silks from the box and hand the box off or put it away. Ask the spectator what she did with your pet dove. Receiving no answer, ask the spectator to hold the silks bunched together. Step up behind her and have her lift the silks into the air over her head. As she does so, you reach up into the silks and produced the dove right in front of her. You get dispose of the silks as you teach her how to pet “her” dove and see if you can get her to let it perch on her finger.

In addition to making the box from hardboard, duct tape, felt scraps and glue, you will need (if doing the above effect) six ungimmicked silks, a ping pong ball, two twin doves and two twin dove holders.

This article also shows me making a horrible mistake, and recovering from it. I left it in so you could learn from it and not sweat it when things go wrong in the workshop.


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