Chimney Screen

by Jim Gerrish

In 1944, U.F. Grant, that prolific inventor of magic, brought out his first Temple Screen. There are many magic products of that time that are no longer in existence (some of them even invented by Grant), but go into any magic store today and ask for a Temple Screen and you will find it still available, still in use, and still as popular as ever. That’s the mark of a GREAT trick.

There’s not much that can be done to improve on Grant’s original idea, but I never let that stop me before, so here goes. One thing I always felt was needed was a fourth screen so I could turn the screen into a four sided tube. In most cases, this is not needed, but at Christmas time, there is a definite advantage in being able to make the screen look more like a brick chimney with four sides. As long as the Temple Screen was just a “production thing” it got along well with the minimal three sides, but when you wish to redecorate it and get away from the Temple anything designs, you will probably want to know that it CAN be made four-sided. Other ideas for decoration and use are also included in the aticle. I also wanted to make it with a load bag that can be attached or detached during the act.

In order to have the screen production start flat and clean in the hands of a spectator, and then end the same way after the final load has been produced, you will need to use my Collapsing Well Table Top, which is included in this article as a FREE Bonus. With it, you can also change load bags right in the middle of the routine and the production can go on and on, not that you would do such a thing to your audience.


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