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Black Art Table

by Jim Gerrish

This is another very easy project, but it is a little more expensive because it requires a black felt or flannel table covering, some fringe and some ribbon decorations, but I promise there is NO SEWING involved! To add a PVC Pipe base to it will require a metal or plastic flange, a screw type connector, and some PVC pipe. The table base can be done in various ways from the very simple scrap-pile special to a fancy-schmancy base on wheels.

However, every magician needs a table, so let’s get started.

A little research on the Internet shows us some typical Magician’s Tables. The table on the left (Figure 1 ) is nice and thin, free of suspicion. The table on the right (Figure 2) has got a six inch drape all around. It must be hiding something. Very suspicious. We’ll be aiming for something in-between. Like this:

Internet Sources for magician's tables like the ones pictured above are listed in the article so you can see if you’d rather pay a lot of money and just buy yourself the kind of table every other Tom, Dick and Magic Harriet is using. No? Well, then let’s continue.

The article also throws in, as a bonus, a small production box that can be used with the table.


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