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What’s Up? – a stage version of the Twizzle Card puzzle a.k.a Hi-Sign. This makes a good easy project for starters. It’s also one of those tricks you can grab from your suitcase and use to fill in one to five minutes at the drop of the proverbial hat. You can add Milbourne Christopher's ending, or invent one of your own.


Black Art Table Top – (with a little bitty production box to use with it!) You’ll find lots of uses for a nice Black Art table top you can redecorate without guilt feelings. Experiment with Green Art, Blue Art and Red Art! PVC pipe base plans included.


Chimney Screen – a new fangled version of Grant’s 1944 Temple Screen for those who don’t go to temple. This one starts flat and clean in the hands of a spectator, and can end the same way after the final load has been produced. Change load bags right in the middle of the routine and the production can go on and on. Oh, and you can decorate to fit any occasion, not just for Chinese New Year.

Free Bonus: Collapsing Well Table Top (excellent for Chimney Screen Load concealment!) Besides being an essential part of the preceding Chimney Screen, it also has uses in concealing large loads from a variety of other tricks.


Flip Over Box Revisited – Jack Gwynne’s principle in a box with no internal door. I mean, you already have two doors, why make a third? This one is covered in fabric, just to show you a new technique for decoration that conceals the hardboard and duct tape from prying eyes. I am using the prop for an interactive 20th Century Silk which involves a dove production, vanish, and production again (2 identical twin doves are needed for my effect, but you can use the box for any effect of your own devising if you don't do livestock).


Hippity Hop Whatevers – Why limit yourself to Rabbits? When you make the props, you get to decide if you are going to do the trick with Santa’s Elves, Skeletons, or characters from the latest fad movies. I'm making mine with a coyote and a bird.


The Lion Tamer (Safari revisited) - No longer on the market, this hand penetration known as Safari was originally used with a Tiger Head prop. I prefer to make it a Lion, but you can choose any animal or monster you can imagine when you make it yourself. The spectator puts his hand into the Lion's mouth and the terrible teeth come crashing down, harmlessly penetrating the spectator's wrist without any pain or blood. Just a lot of fun.


Forgetful Whomever – This is the one with the little kid who forgets his head and has it replaced with a balloon. Only now you’re not limited to a little kid. Besides having the head vanish and reappear, the same prop can be adapted to make a chosen playing card appear inside a balloon, or a chosen almost anything appear in a balloon. Afraid of balloons? Who says you have to limit yourself to a balloon ending? Alternatives suggested. Mousetrap powered.

Included as a FREE BONUS is Jim's "Optical Delusionator" which is used to make the Forgetful's head visibly shrink to about the size of a silver dollar, just before disappearing in a flash of fire. This original prop, invented by Jim in 2003, has never been described in print before.


Production Tubes – This is the simplest and most versatile of all production props, so it’s where we start with productions, but not where we will stop. It does make a nice grand finale for almost any magic show. ***


Chocolate Bunny Box – Whether it's THAT time of year or not, a chocolate bunny always tastes good. The magician uses this table-top oven to cook up some chocolate chips into a chocolate bunny, and then the chocolate bunny changes to a real live bunny for the finale. If you're a "stick-in-the-mud" and don't like chocolate, you can use it as a "traditional" bunny box.


Mental Epilogue Chalk Board/White Board - First, you need to decide if you want to make the chalk board version, or the more expensive Whiteboard version. Then you need to get used to the fact that this is NOT the Hen Fetsch version - no one ahead or one behind or forcing. Your predictions are already in place and sealed when you pick up the board. Spectators have an absolutely free choice of any three categories you choose to use. Your predictions are written in one color chalk (or dry erase marker) and their responses are in another color. The board can be examined at the end- no flaps, slides, or tricky stuff. And you make it yourself!

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