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Please note: There are NO refunds on magical secrets.
Once you learn the secret, you cannot unlearn it, so you can't request a refund.


Dollar Store Silks/ Nylons and Polyesters $7.00



Appearing Silk Gimmicks + Silk Fountains $7.00

1. Silk Holders
2. Christopher’s Wand/ Silk
3. Chaudet’s Air Mail Silk Production
4. Leonardo’s Rainbow Silk Appear
5. Ee-Gee-Fiki’s Step On It “Put and Pull”
6. Marconick’s Fountain of Silks
7. Chapman’s Fountain of Silks
8. Spellbinder’s Flowing Fountain of Silks
9. Silks From Newspaper



Vanishing Silk Gimmicks $7.00

1. Ping Pong Vanisher
2. Finger Tip Vanisher
3. Buatier Pear Pull
4. Nylon Cord Sleeve Pull
5. Silken Bombshell Variations
6. Paper Cone Vanisher
7. Coin Tube Vanisher
8. Coin Bottle Vanisher



Color Change Silk Gimmicks $7.00

1. Tarbell’s Self-Contained CC Silk
2. Zebra Silk and Polka Dot Silk Variations
3. Color Changing Silk Tube Gimmick
4. Ping Pong Ball CC Variations
5. Thumbtip used as a color change gimmick
6. CC Silks and Wand
7. Card Silk & Ultimate Monte CC
8. Little Wonder CC Silk
9. Color Changing Neck Tie



Dying Silk Gimmicks $7.00

1. Toothbrush Holder Dye Tube
2. Cardboard Dye Tube
3. Al Baker’s Dye Tube Revisited
4. Soft Soap
5. Liquid Dye Tube
6. Rope Dye Tube
7. Dye Tube Chain of Flags/ Pennants
8. Dye Tube Spring Flowers


Blendo and Mismade Silk Gimmicks $7.00


Transformations To and From Other Objects $7.00

1. Silk to Egg/Lemon/Apple/Potato/Pepper/Tomato, etc
2. Visible Ribbon/Silk to Rose
3. Silk to Flower (not just a rose)
4. Silks to Spring Flowers -
5. Milk to White Silks
6. Spellbinder's Dollar Store Niffin Tube
7. Silk to Candle and Vice Versa


Transpositions Here to There $7.00


Penetration Gimmicks $7.00


Apparatus Productions of Silks $7.00

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