2020 Election Results

Compiled from Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium

By Lindell-TV 12 August, 2021


What's in the $3.2 Trillion Dollar Plan (10/12/21)

What's in Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Social Spending Bill (10/29/21)


01/13/22 Wisconsin Judge Bans Use of Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes

01/05/22 GA whistleblower paid $45,000 to stuff ballot boxes

01/04/22 - 240 GA Ballot Traffickers Identified dumping
thousands of ballots all across the state in 2020.

01/02/22 Texas Audit Finds Voter Problems

12/30/21 Wisconsin Demands Election Information

12/21/21 Hearing To Ban GA's Dominion Voting System:
AG McGowan's 12 false claims; Judge Adams' 8 Interruptions

12/21/21 Alex Jones files lawsuit against the illegal Jan. 6th
Congressional committee -
PDF copy of Jones' Lawsuit

12/17/21 PA Secretary of State, Veronica Degraffenreid, Sues PA
Senate to prevent an Audit of the Dominion Voting Machines

12/14/21 Fulton County GA Election Suit Filed

12/14/21 Evidence of Election Fraud from Pima County, AZ

12/10/21 "Unusually Cruel" - Report of Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA)

12/09/21 Petition to Examine Election Materials - Fulton County Georgia
NWO Report (12/10/21)

11/30/21 Contact Your State Attorney General - HERE

11/24/21 Bill of Complaint - to The Supreme Court of the United States pdf document

Request a Microsoft Word Document of the above Bill of Complaint
from Jim Gerrish at
magicnook@yahoo.com It's Free.

11/21/21 Pennsylvania 2020 Election Auditor Chosen

11/13/21 - Detroit, Michigan - How the 2020 Vote was Stolen

11/13/21 - More Georgia 2020 Corrupt Election Acts Revealed

11/10/21 - Georgia Can't Produce 17,000 Election Ballot Images

11/09/21 - Wisconsin Election Commission charged
with taking advantage of impaired seniors.

11/06/21 Michigan Election Fraud Uncovered

11/03/21 - NJ Election Worker Caught by Project Veritas

11/03/21 - NJ Election Rigging by 40,000 last minute Ballots

10/26/21 Election Rigging in Georgia - 1 Million Absentee Ballots?
10/25/21 Election Rigging in NY - VOTE NO on #1,3,4
10/23/21 -
Wisconsin: 44,272 Voted without proof of ID - MORE from Wisconsin
10/15/21 -
Pima County, Arizona Fraud Revealed
10/15/21 -
New Declaration of Independance

Arizona - 9/27/21 AZ Audit can not identify 86,391 voters
Read NWO Report HERE - Letter from AZ Assistant Attorney General

AZ Audit UPDATE as of 9/26/21
Arizona - 9/24/21 Maricopa County, AZ, forensic audit
Read the entire report HERE - Read a NWO Report HERE
9/22/21 Colorado Clerk submits a
forensic exam report to 3 Mesa County commissioners.
8/26/21 - AZ Audit

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