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Pop Haydn Lecture

Wiz Kid Field Trip


Four of the new Wiz Kids who have been studying the magic of Whit "Pop" Haydn were invited to take a field trip to see this professional magician from Hollywood's Magic Castle perform on the Sparta Avenue Stage in Sparta, NJ. Shown left to right: Wiz Kids Rosenda Tomlinson, Elijah Shy, Miriah Tomlinson, and Saied Beckford. Drivers and chaperones were Frederick Goode, Director of both the EOUMB and The Wiz Kids, Inc., and Jacqueline Saez, EOUMB Assistant Director and a Wiz Kid trustee, but also a magic student herself.

Our photographer for the trip was Wiz Kid Elijah Shy.

Although the four Wiz Kids chosen for the trip share an interest in magic as a performing art, they are also members of the East Orange Unified Marching Band (EOUMB). Rosenda plays clarinet and also conducts the Band and acts as drum major when needed. Elijah Shy is a percussionist and a section leader of the drum line. He also plays the bass drum and is a stilt walker when needed. Miriah plays trumpet, but is working her way through learning to play as many musical instruments as she can. Saied plays baritone horn (bass clef) but is also proficient on other brass instruments and tutors younger Wiz Kids and EOUMB members in academics (reading, writing, math and SAT preparation) when needed.

Photo by Elijah Shy

Wiz Kid Elijah had a special interest in watching Pop Haydn perform his Mongolian Pop Knot rope routine, because that is the trick that Elijah is studying with Wiz Kid Jim. Elijah already knew some of the magic involved from his study of rope magic, but tonight he got to see it performed live by the master magician himself, a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Photo by Elijah Shy

Wiz Kid Miriah got a special thrill because Pop Haydn called her up onstage to assist him with the very same trick she is studying, The 2,000 Year Old Mystery of the Linking Rings. This experience is sure to make her study harder so that she can begin to perform it in a future Wiz Kid show. She didn't let on that she knew the trick, but played the part of an assistant so she could experience what it felt like when she gets to play the part of the magician in her own show. She was impressed by the weight and size of Pop's rings, which are a bit bigger and heavier than the ones she uses.

Photo by Elijah Shy

Ms Saez got to assist Pop Haydn also, during a card trick. Pop performs several card effects in his act and I'm not sure which one was being done in that photo, but I'm sure that Ms Saez will be interested in learning it and adding it to her own performances as a Wiz Kid. She loves magic and is an enthusiastic learner.

Photo by Frederick Goode

This photo from Frederick Goode shows an audience view of the beautiful little theatre stage at Sparta Avenue Stage, as Pop and Ms Saez finish up his card trick performance.

Photo by Rosenda Tomlinson

The Wiz Kids got to tour the entire Sparta Avenue Stage while they were there, and Wiz Kid Rosenda was fascinated with all the magic props and costumes in the backstage area. Sparta Avenue Stage specializes in magic shows as you can see from the props and posters on the walls backstage.

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