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Wilhelmina poses with her Hairy Houdini Teddy Bear, her latest magic trick that has been published at The Magic Nook, and which has captured the interest of some Escape Artists who want to use her Teddy Bear Escape as a comedy challenge in their shows. A version of her effect will appear in the August issue of a well known Escape Artist on-line newsletter, T.I.E.S.

The Teddy Bear is just one chapter of her new book "Magic For Girls" which is slowly coming together on-line at The Magic Nook.

Meanwhile, her magic for grown-up magicians is still being published in The Wizards' Journal. The latest is "Hooray For the Red, White, and Blue!" published in The Wizards' Journal #21.

Photo by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki


Wiz Kid Wilhelmina attends her first magic convention ... the Jersey Magic Jam held in Clark, New Jersey.

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In this photo Wilhelmina is amazed by the magic of Tony Karpinsky as he makes a large copper penny sink slowly through a piece of glass that is trapped in a wooden box. Mr. Karpinksy is a skilled woodworker and he makes all of his magic props from fine exotic woods with decorative inlays. Later, as they became good friends, he presented Wilhelmina with free magic wands and a free magic die box trick. I am sure she will teasure them always in memory of this magical day.

Photo by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki


Wiz Kid Wilhelmina explains her Easter Egg Surprise trick to Wiz Kid Director Jim Gerrish, who will have the job of helping her to explain her newest invention and magic trick in writing. She's 9 years old and already has invented several magic tricks that are published by the Magic Nook, and while she performs her tricks and can explain them by talking, it will be some more years before her writing skills catch up with her quick mind and her vocal communication skills. They are using some of the lobby candy and pretending they are Easter Eggs as she describes her ideas to him.


February 2011

Most recently Wilhelmina has begun taking photographs, just like the boys do. She helped to photograph cousin Qua-Fiki's show at the Irvington Public Library, and covered the entire event from beginning to end. In the photo at the left is her brother Ee-Gee-Fiki caught in the act of making funny faces. I think we can expect to see a lot more of her work as a photographer and as a Wiz Kid magician in the very near future!

The photo on the right was taken by a photographer from the Irvington Herald, and there's our Wilhelmina on the job, taking the same picture from the opposite side!

November 2010

Wiz Kid Wilhelmina finally took the jump from hanging around in the background to competing with the Wiz Boys at their own games - Magic! She started by inventing a new way to perform Santa's Chimney Blocks- a standard Wiz Kid trick which she improved in three different ways. It was enough to establish her as a genuine inventor of magic, and be included in the Magic Nook's Brief Biographies of Magic Inventors (scroll down to Goodenough, Wilhelmina). She has continued to come up with new ideas and soon will have more of her tricks published by The Magic Nook. She is also planning a complete book of magic for girls - "Doll Illusions."

August 2009

She participated in all their activities whether as Wiz Kids or as a family enjoying S'Mores at the backyard barbecue.

August 2008

She was with them when they visited Santa's Workshop at North Pole, NY that summer, and went for a ride in the reindeer sleigh.

August 2008

Wiz Kid Wilhelmina has always gone to the same places as her brother Ee-Gee-Fiki, and her cousin Qua-Fiki, but she has always been in the background watching them and not competing with them. In this photo the three of them are visiting their great grandfather in Saranac Lake, NY.

Old Photos from the Wiz Kid Archives