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Rainbow Lake 7/13/12
Wiz Kids Field Trip July 2012
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Photo by K.P.

Noel, Soozie and Kama run a "Green Retreat" campground on Rainbow Lake, and have been good friends to the Wiz Kids for many years. It was our good fortune to arrive at a time when most of their early summer renters had gone and before the late summer renters began to arrive, so we had them all to ourselves for two delightful days.

Photo by J.G

The first attraction you come to when you arrive, are two huge trampolines, and both our Wiz Kids immediately got to jumping the way they have done since they first began visiting Wakanda.

Photo by J.G.

Once they get tired of jumping, it's a short trip to jump in the lake and swim out to the water trampoline for ... more jumping!

Photo by J.G.

Even the chores at Camp Wakanda are fun. The water trampoline needs to be pumped up with more air, so Qua-Fiki gladly helps Noel swim it over to shore. Tough work, but someone has to do it!

Photo by J.G.

Noel operates the air pump, but everyone near-by lends a hand in holding the trampoline. They also serve who only stand in the water and wait.

Video by J.G.

Here are some "home movies" of the water trampoline challenge jump.

Photo by M.G.

When the water gets too cold for swimming, Fred and Ee-Gee warm up with a friendly father/son game of horseshoes. I'm not sure who won.

Photo by J.G.

Eventually everyone gathers around the campfire ring where supper will be cooked and served.

Photo by J.G..

But first, while waiting for the food to be cooked, there is still time for a little twilight Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, the latest thing for lake-time recreation at Camp Wakanda.

Photo by J.G.

As the sun sets in the West, there is just enough time for once more around the area as the kids take turns learning this new skill. It's not much different from riding a rip-stik except you get wet if you fall and it's a little scary if a motorboat passes you and you start rocking in the waves of its wake.

Photo by M.G.

After supper, in the growing twilight, there is time for stories, jokes, singing, and playing musical instruments and drums of all types.

It's too dark for photographs, so you will have to miss the star-filled sky overhead that we never get to see in New Jersey, but I am happy to report that they are still all out there.

Tomorrow is another day and an expedition to climb Mount Baker is being talked about, plus a return to Rainbow Lake on our last day in the Adirondacks... but those are other stories.

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