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Climbing Baker Mountain 7/14/12
Wiz Kids Field Trip July 2012
Story begins at the TOP -(Scroll down to read)

Photo by J.G.

Wiz Kids Qua-Fiki and Ee-Gee-Fiki are standing in front of the mountain they are about to climb, Mount Baker (in the background). This is the view from the parking lot of the Best Western Motel near Lake Flower in Saranac Lake. We were going to go to the restaurant for a breakfast of blueberry pancakes, but the restaurant was crowded with a 20 minute wait, so we left and went back to Camp Do-wha-cha-wanna Headquarters.

Photo by M.G.

Then we made our own pancakes, both plain and blueberry. There was a friendly competition to see who could make the better pancakes. Jim made the blueberry pancakes and Qua-Fiki made them plain. Qua-Fiki had made the batter from scratch, following directions from the Cooking Counselor we call Aunt Mary.


This was Qua-Fiki's prize-winning pancake.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

After breakfast, Trail Guide Counselor Mike drove to the base of Baker Mountain and they started the climb. The day was hotter than the previous day, so they took their time and brought plenty of water. Elijah's camera wasn't working, so these photos are mostly from Al-Quadir (aka Qua-Fiki).

As you can see, Baker Mountain is also a popular place for hikers to make a fairly easy climb.

Photo by M.R.

A good place to rest is in the "resting tree" half-way up the mountain. It looks like many hikers have made good use of this tree for however many years it has been standing there.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

This is one of the few "look-out" spots on the trail, where you can look out and see how high up you have climbed. Baker mountain is covered in trees, so it doesn't have a rocky top like Mount Jo. Instead, you look for these "look-out" openings and take advantage of them when you can for a rest and a look around.

Photo by Al-Quadir Marsh

From the top, if you can find a boulder to climb on, you can see Mackenzie Lake which is the reservoir for the town of Saranac Lake. Our climbers looked for the Best Western Motel where they had begun their trip, but couldn't spot it through the trees.

Photo by M.G. 7/22/12

No wonder they missed that view. They were facing in the wrong direction. This is what they would have seen from the other side of the mountain. Lake Flower is in the foreground and lower, middle and upper Saranac Lakes are off in the distance. The Best Western Motel would be somewhere behind the row of trees along Lake Flower. Thanks to our Climbing and Geography Counselor Aunt Mary, age 71, who climbed the mountain shortly after we left and got the photo we needed to complete the story!

Photo by M.G.

When the hikers returned, they were hot, sweaty, and ready for a swim in Rainbow Lake... but as you know, that's another story.

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