Free Comic Book Day
May 2, 2009
Village of South Orange, NJ

The crowds of kids had already started to gather around Commuter Comics in South Orange, which was the central "home base" for the day. Gathered outside were costumed super heroes, a comic book artist and lots of kids collecting their free comic books. Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki was dressed up as "Super-Hero Qua-Fiki" and performed his Super Hero Rope act for the crowd.

Qua-Fiki made some new friends, like Green Lantern and Spiderman, and they went from location to location to greet the fans who were collecting free comic books all around the village.

Besides performing his Super Hero Rope tricks, Qua-Fiki also brought long Bubba, the Mind Reading Rooster, who read some minds and made some predictions. You may have noticed that Qua-Fiki now has his official Wiz Kid Shirt with his name and his badges showing the skills he has mastered; Juggling, Unicycling, and Magic. He is also the troupe's Assistant Director, keeping track of bookings and props, and keeping the show moving along.

The excitement intensified when Batman drove up in the Batmobile. That really brought out the crowds, and Qua-Fiki presented Batman with a balloon "Key to the City."

Wiz Kid Eleazar had music lessons in the morning, but he arrived just as the crowds were building up and helped out with the balloon hats, swords and animals. He also performed magic, and strolled around with his monkey puppet making friends. Then he operated the video camera and took most of the videos you can see below or on YouTube. He ended the day by finally mastering the Rip-Stick in the park.

Video Highlights of the Day's Events

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