More Photos from the Fourth of July in Maplewood, NJ (07/04/08)

The Wiz Kids check out the camels, ponies, a miniature horse, and a tortoise behind the circus tent.

The Wiz Kids missed the races because they had to put their unicycles away after the parade, so they staged their own private races. You can tell who won just by studying the photo to see who is really serious about winning this race!

Later in the afternoon, we went for a work-out at Watsessing Park back in East Orange. The photo shows Wiz Kid Lil Flip (left) winning his unicycle by riding completely around the track. He then went on to round the track three more times before ending his long ride to success. He had mastered the turns needed to navigate around the curves in the track during the parade in Maplewood earlier that day. On the right is his brother G-Tiger who is still in the first stages of learning to ride the unicycle.

Back in Maplewood, while waiting for the Circus to begin, The Wiz Kids try out the Percussion Jungle in the park.

It wouldn't be much of a Jungle without a climb in the welcoming trees.

Then the duck pond needed exploring, turning up an interesting snail, a fish or two, and the usual ducks and geese.

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