Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's Talent Show Rope Act


Last minute problems- No magic table; Qua-Fiki uses one provided by the school and it is set in the wrong location by a stage crew. There is no microphone stand, so a "volunteer" is found to hold the microphone for Qua-Fiki- something he did not rehearse. This tends to throw him off and he forgets his opening lines.

Qua-Fiki recovers and performs the Tenkai Rope Through Neck brilliantly. It amazes everyone and he gets a lot of applause; something he did not expect.

Now Qua-Fiki uses scissors to cut the rope into three equal lengths.

Suddenly the ropes change sizes- small ,medium, and large. Again, he gets applause. The applause was something he could not rehearse with and it throws him off. He stretches the ropes back to the three equal lengths... more applause.

Now Qua-Fiki ties the three equal ropes end to end in an attempt to turn them back into one long rope.

He cuts off the ends of the knots and drops them in his TIPS jar. The rope still does not appear to be restored, so he shoves the entire rope into his TIPS jar and has the audience say the magic word: TIPS backward... SPIT. That gets a laugh.

Pulling the rope back out of the TIPS jar, it seems that the tips have been restored to the ends of the knots, but the rope still is not one long rope.

Qua-Fiki tells the audience his new magic word: " Knots to You!" When he says that, the two knots fly off the rope, leaving the rope restored into one long rope. Flustered by all the applause, Qua-Fiki forgets his closing lines and can't wait to get off the stage.

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