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It has been two years since we last posted a "Qua-Fiki Being Himself" photo on this page. Today he made a "selfie" with his favorite cat, Buddy. Scroll down to 08/14/09 to see Qua-Fiki and Buddy as kittens together. Today they are both cool cats.


Today Qua-Fiki passed his Final Exam with Juggling Rings and successfully juggled the rings for one minute without dropping any. He is also able to perform the "Color Changing Ring" trick with them, and will be performing this juggling trick in Pippin at Cicely Tyson High School.


Qua-Fiki gets ready to take his very first ride on a new five foot high "Giraffe" unuicycle that The Wiz Kids, Inc. gave him to promote him to "Master Unicyclist." He will be riding this unicycle in Pippin, and in any parades that are left for the school year.


Qua-Fiki just got his driver learner's permit and he is all smiles under his latest Mohawk style braided hair. This will be a big year for him since he turns 18 in June, graduates from High School, transforms from a Wiz Kid into a Wiz Man and becomes a Trustee on the Board of the Wiz Kids, Inc. He is also inventing new magic and using magic to build up his car fund and get his driver's license. So he has a lot to keep him smiling.


Qua-Fiki supports the East Orange Unified Marching Band in many ways. Here he was caught green-handed, making a donation of his own hard-earned money to his second favorite band (his first, he loyally states, is his Central High School Band). This was at the Rowley Park Fund Raiser that he was there to photograph and video.


The Band Parent Association of the East Orange Unified Marching Band is having a Fish Fry Dinner to benefit the Summer Band Camp. Qua-Fiki volunteers to help and also does magic tricks to entertain the workers and the customers waiting for their meals. Here he is performing, appropriately enough, the Chinese Fishing Poles Trick!


Since Qua-Fiki learned to play the trumpet this summer, he took the next step and joined his Central high school band. This is a photo he took from (guess where?) just before getting on the bus to go to the football game between Central High School and Orange High School in what will be his first public performance with that band. I'm sure he will tell us all about it when he gets back.


After Hurricane Irene passed by Camp Greenlane, disrupting the planned schedule, Qua-Fiki quickly learned to transform his table-hopping shows into small stand up shows performed in the cabins of the campers. Above he is performing one of his favorite effects using coins and cards. The campers are all members of the East Orange Unified Marching Band, and they all know Qua-Fiki as their band photographer and videographer, but this week they found out about his magic skills as well.

August, 2011

Qua-Fiki has been keeping busy inventing magic this summer. Three of his latest magic tricks are being published by the Magic Nook in The Wizards' Journal #21. At the far left is a photo of "The Babushka of Baba Yaga," in which that headscarf, or Babushka, is proved to be the property of a famous Russian witch and fortune teller, Baba Yaga. Lots of mysterious things happen when placed beneath the Babushka.

In the center, Qua-Fiki is demonstrating a magic device that helps magicians perform card magic, and to compensate when they have small hands. This will be of great interest to young magicians and any who have small hands that keep them from performing certain tricks in card magic. The trick being shown is called the "No-Palm Signed Card to Card Box."

At the far right, Qua-Fiki shows he can work with giant cards to perform a famous old version of the "Three Card Monte." Qua-Fiki's version is called "Ace Chaser" and if you are wondering where the Ace is, you might think it is tucked into his belt (cummerbund), but you'd be fooled.


Qua-Fiki has been working with the East Orange Unified Marching Band this summer, and plans to join his own high school band at Central High School in Newark next fall. He became interested in learning to play the trumpet, so we helped him get a "pocket trumpet" so he could begin to take lessons from the experienced trumpet players in East Orange.

More Photos of Qua-Fiki and by Qua-Fiki are on the site of the East Orange Unified Marching Band: http://wizkidzinc.com/09TysonBPA/BandCamp2011/Week3/bandcampWeek3.htm


Today is Qua-Fiki's birthday. How does he celebrate being 16? By getting himself all tied up in knots. Actually he is shown making a video to advertise his book "Escapes For Teens" at the Magic Nook. You can see all of Qua-Fiki's magic videos HERE.

The bottom photo was made on July 1st, and Qua-Fiki is hard at work again. This time he is advertising his book on "Super Hero Magic" at The Magic Nook. This summer will be a time of catching up on documenting as much of his work on video as possible. He will also make demonstration videos for other effects that he did not invent, but which he performs regularly in his magic shows.


Qua-Fiki performed at a Benefit Concert (for the East Orange Unified Marching Band) at Cicely Tyson School's 400 seat theatre on June 11th, 2011. He held the show together as the Master of Ceremonies (M.C.) and performed several acts as well, including his version of the floating lady illusion. Was he nervous being observed by two Wiz Kid Directors (Fred and Jim) who watched his every move? Not a bit! More information on the complete concert HERE:

Photo by Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki


Qua-Fiki did a guest appearance at the Irvington Library's "Meet the Author" event. You can read all about the complete event HERE.

Besides appearing as an African American Author, Qua-Fiki performed a show made up of many of the tricks in his book Go Fish Card Tricks. At the left you see Qua-Fiki performing his Go Fish Monte.

Photo by Wiz Kid Fred Goode

02/12/11 - Qua-Fiki's most spectacular trick was his latest invention that he calls "Fish or Cut Bait," recently published as an e-Book by The Magic Nook, where Qua-Fiki performs magic as a demonstrator and has many other e-Books that he has authored for sale.

Photo by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina


Qua-Fiki designed the artwork for the silk handkerchiefs that appeared during the trick, but he was busy with high school tests, so Wiz Kid Jim and Professor Spellbinder helped him by learning to paint on silks for his show.

The Wiz Kids is all about teamwork. The photographers for the event included Wiz Kid Director Frederick Goode, as well as Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki and Wiz Kid Wilhelmina.


Qua-Fiki expressed an interest in becoming an escape artist from his first days as a Wiz Kid. He has continued to investigate and learn everything he can about escaping from ropes, chains, and restraints of all types. He has also begun to design some escapes of his own and since the only way one can protect original ideas in magic and escapology is by publishing them for copyright protection, he has begun a book called "Escapes For Teens." As a teen-ager himself, he focused the book towards other teens since that is the best time (in his opinion) to begin learning and performing escapes.


(Left) Qua-Fiki recently completed his first book of magic called "Go Fish Card Tricks," published by The Magic Nook. All of the tricks in the book center on tricks you can do with a Go Fish deck of cards that you print out yourself on your home computer and printer.

(Right) Then Qua-Fiki got started on his next book which will be called "Super Hero Magic," based on his popular "Super Hero" act from his library shows. This book includes a few card tricks, but also expands into larger magic with rope, handkerchiefs, tissue paper and props that you make yourself from foamboard and duct tape.


Easter Party / Birthday Show

With the aid of some helpers from the audience, Qua-Fiki the Clown shows how he does his laundry... with magic.


Easter Party / Birthday Show

Qua-Fiki's Bunny Rabbit is missing, so he writes a wanted poster and gets the kids to help him find the missing bunny by chanting the magic words: "Come Home, Bunny-Fiki!"


Easter Party / Birthday Show

Bunny-Fiki appears in the magic box and all the kids are happy to see him and welcome him home by giving him a pat on the head.


Easter Party / Birthday Show

After the magic show, every kid gets a balloon animal from Qua-Fiki. The young lady on his right is his sister, learning to assist Qua-Fiki by blowing up the balloons for him to twist into shapes.


Easter Party / Birthday Show

Qua-Fiki the Clown brings a smile to the face of a little girl who had been crying at the party. When she got her pink poodle balloon and a hug from Qua-Fiki, she went away with a smile on her face.


Qua-Fiki takes to the ripstick again after a long winter of not getting in much practice. He and his cousin Ee-Gee-Fiki did some spring training together in Grove Park, South Orange, NJ. Notice the NY Yankees Baseball Cap underneath his helmet!


Between school work, chores, and helping out at The Magic Nook, Qua-Fiki has also been writing a book. His book is called "Go Fish Card Tricks" and it contains many variations on old card tricks known to many magicians, plus some new ones that Qua-Fiki invented just for this book. Every trick in the book has a fish theme and can be performed with the Go Fish Cards that Qua-Fiki shows how to print on a computer printer.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki poses with his new best friend and magic trick- Puppy-Fiki. Puppy-Fiki is a toy dog that does back-flips and other tricks. Qua-Fiki built him a dog house from foamboard and gaffer's tape, and designed it so that Puppy-Fiki could appear and disappear from the house. The plans are for sale on The Magic Nook, and Qua-Fiki is working on a video showing how it looks in his show (without giving away any magic secrets!).


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki finally gets some free time during the Thanksgiving school break, so naturally he spends it doing magic. He and his step-dad, the former Wiz Kid Lee, work together to capture his Mind Reading Rooster act on video.



Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's Day began at Cicely Tyson School in East Orange, where he worked as a photographer and photojournalist to record the band's activities leading up to the beginning of the football game between the EO Jaguars and Livingston High School held at Paul Robeson Stadium. Then, a quick lunch, followed by preparing his show at the East Orange Public Library. He was ready to perform for their 3:00 PM story hour, and entertained with his magic tricks for a half hour (see above photos). After packing up, he began planning for his Halloween Spooky-Fiki show and other shows. This is a busy time of year for magicians.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki gets help from Buddy, the cat, as he works on building his latest invention. It is a magic box called the Qua-Fiki Sneaky Box, and it is used to make lots of LARGE silk handkerchiefs appear, one after the other. The trick can be found on The Magic Nook, and inventing it got Qua-Fiki another mention for his Biography as a Magic Inventor.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki doesn't always dress DOWN. Today he dresses UP to show off his new threads and take some publicity photos for summer season shows. If you see his poster around with the Date, Time and Place all filled in, be sure to catch his act!

April 3rd, 2009

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's mom captured her magical son on video as he performed The Three Little Pigs at his little brother's Day Care Center birthday party. This is a snapshot made from the video. There were a few mishaps during the show, but that's how magicians learn... on the job!


March, 2009

Qua-Fiki is an official demonstrator for The Magic Nook. In this video, he demonstrates a standard magic trick called "What's Next?" This will soon be followed by a new version of the trick in which the spots change colors and begin popping off the board, so watch for it!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I got a Rip-stick (inline skate board) for Christmas and I am having as much fun with it as I did riding the unicycle. It doesn't work on the soft race track at Watsessing Park because the wheels sink down in, but along the paved path it works just fine. Wiz Kid Rider also got a Rip-Stick for his birthday, but the day we went to the park he didn't bring it with him, so he rode on his unicycle and I did both. The Rip-stick is light enough to carry while riding the unicycle, so now I'm trying to find a way to include both of them together in some new tricks.


I'm getting ready for another talent show. Last time, I forgot my table, so this time I am turning my suitcase into a table so I can't forget it again. It also fits into the new act I am working on. Wish me luck!


Today I caught up with Wiz Kid Lil Flip and mastered my 1 minute juggling bean bag test. I dropped the bean bags twice during the test, but was able to squat down, pick up the dropped bean bag and get it back into the air while keeping the other two bean bags going, so I passed the test even with the two drops.

As a reward, I got to finish painting my wood stand for The Three Little Pigs trick I have been working on. All the Wiz Kids have a pocket sized version of this that Grandpa Spellbinder made for us, but he and I worked on this big stage sized version together and today we finished it and put it to the test. It works very well.


I'm working on a new card trick for The Magic Nook, so the photo on the left shows me spraying magic Pixie Dust on a deck of cards. But that's just posed for the photo; I wasn't spraying anything at all. For the real spraying, look at the photo on the right. That Pixie Dust spray sure makes me sneeze. I can't tell you what's really in the can; you would have to be a magician to learn the secret. I am also learning how to use the semi-colon (;) !


Qua-Fiki is at it again. He has taken an old trick and come up with some new ideas for it. You will find it on the Magic Nook site and it is called "Signed Sit on It."


Qua-Fiki's latest project has been published in The Wizards' Journal # 16 on The Magic Nook. Qua-Fiki invented three separate rope effects that are explained in that article (for magicians only!). He has also been included in the list of Brief Biographies of Magic Inventors on the site, with certification of the four inventions that went into those three effects. This is just the beginning of Qua-Fiki's magic career, however. He is already planning a book of new Escape effects of his own invention.


Qua-Fiki is using the electric sander to smooth all the edges of his new escape trick (The Stocks of Zanzibar - as revised and modified by Jim Gerrish).

This is part of his woodshop activity for the Wiz Kids' Camp Duwhatchawanna.

Qua-Fiki is now trying his new trick on for size before he fits it all together.

After measuring and gluing, Qua-Fiki hammers some nails into the legs that hold the stocks so he won't be able to get out that way later on!

Director (Wiz Kid Fred) helps Qua-Fiki by hammering in some supports for the center of the stock.

That's all for today while the glue is drying! We'll add some more photos tomorrow!


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki waits his turn to perform at his school's Talent Show.

While he didn't win a prize, he fooled the judges and the audience with his rope magic, and moved one step closer to becoming an official Wiz Kid. This performance, which was recorded for the Wiz Kids to see, will count as his first successful public performance. Two more are required before he can become an "official" Wiz Kid, entitled to wear his name on his Wiz Kid shirt. He can then begin moving up in the ranks as his father (who was known as Wiz Kid Lee) and his uncle (who was known as Wiz Kid Fred) did years before.

Qua-Fiki's practices, rehearsals and talent show were all recorded on videotape so that before he performs in public again, he can study his performances and learn from his mistakes.

Still Photos of Qua-Fiki's Act:


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki had a half day of school, so he spent several hours at the Wiz Kid office working on magic that will be included in our summer tour in the Adirondacks. As you can see from the photos below, there is more to magic than just performing magic tricks.

As our Escape Artist, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki will perform two different escapes this summer. The canvas bag escape he is working on in the photo above required him to learn how to pound metal grommets into the bag to hold the tie-ropes in place.

Qua-Fiki also decided to give the wood table he made for his rope act another sanding and final coat of polyurethane. He is also learning to use some power tools to make his own props out of wood.

Qua-Fiki will also perform as a "Lion Tamer" in the Wiz Kid Mini-Magic Circus this summer. Here he works with the proip Jim Gerrish made for him, but he will be writing his own script and patter.


In May of 2008, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki began working on a talent show for his school. We helped him develop a new act based on an old rope effect called "The Professor's Nightmare." Qua-Fiki had recently helped his grandfather, Professor Spellbinder, to illustrate the magic TIPS jar that Qua-Fiki has been using in his Kid Rope Act. The Professor was glad to have his assistance because, even though the Professor invented this version of the TIPS jar, Qua-Fiki is quick to come up with original jokes and presentation subtleties on his own which adds to the effect. Like his cousin Wiz Kid Eleazar, Qua-Fiki will probably be seen more and more on The Magic Nook adding his thoughts and inventions to the growing collection of magic there. The Magic Nook is a sponsor of the Wiz Kids and funds many of their activities.

Qua-Fiki began working on the keyboard in February of 2008. He learned to play with both hands right from the start, using special show music (Bossy Nova) composed by Jim Gerrish.

Using the Wiz Kid method, Qua-Fiki learned his first piece by discovering the relationships between the keys. By the end of the lesson, he was given the written music and a marked keyboard so he could continue his studies at home... along with more magic, more juggling, etc.

By the time of our next Saturday meeting, Qua-Fiki had mastered Bossy Nova and was ready for some new music. He was awarded his own portable keyboard instrument so he could continue to practice at home, but he still loves to play the big keyboard when he comes to the Wiz Kid office.

Qua-Fiki joined the Wiz Kids, Inc. in December of 2007, but had to wait until January of 2008 for the new Wiz Kid Troupe to begin forming. In the meantime, he learned to do some magic with paper napkins.

In the photo at the right, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki prepares his napkin trick for performance. He must perform this trick three times in public shows, and then the Wiz Kids will vote to see if he is good enough to become an "official" Wiz Kid. At that time he will receive his Wiz Kid Shirt with his Wiz Kid name printed on it, and he may begin working on a new trick to master.

Qua-Fiki chose his own Wiz Kid name. It's not his real name, but each Wiz Kid can choose to use his or her real first name or make up a special Wiz Kid name to use as an official Wiz Kid member.

Old Photos from the Wiz Kid Archives