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Al-Quadir has just published his latest card trick on The Magic Nook web site. The trick is called "X Marks the Spot." Anyone can freely name any of the 52 cards and imagine that he is marking the back of the card with a large "X" and when he opens the box of cards and spreads them out, he finds that his wish has come true.

Al-Quadir even showed the trick to his baby daughter, but she is a little young to be playing cards. It will take a few years to make her a Wiz Kid!


The North Carolina Wiz Kid team of Al-Quadir and Zaire Marsh are working on a new magic trick this summer. As you may remember, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki wrote a book about Escape Magic in 2010, called Escapes For Teens. Now that he is no longer a teen, he is teaching his skills to his brother and the two of them are building a special magic bag that will make the rope vanish after he escapes from it. His new trick will be featured in The Wizards' Journal #34 at The Magic Nook when it is finished.


Wiz Kid/EOUMB Member, Samuel Myrtil, our "official photographer" took a series of photos of Wiz Kid Jim to illustrate Professor Spellbinder's latest e-Book, "Hot Pips Paddles" for the Magic Nook. Samuel earned enough to buy himself a brand new bicycle and today Jim helped Samuel learn how to assemble the bicycle, adjust and tighten everything, and off he rode to Elmwood Park to test out his new ride.


The New Wiz Kids, Inc. wooden sign arrived today and was hung on the window box, right beneath the ripening strawberries. I'll try to save a strawberry for visitors who want to stop by and admire the new sign, but no guarantees; I tasted the first one that ripened and it was delicious!


Al-Quadir Marsh finished up a second Jumbo Card variation on the old magic trick known as McDonald's Aces from the 1950s. He calls it McD's JUMBO Aces and it is now published in e-Book form at The Magic Nook, Wizards' Journal #33. Basically, it is an "in your hands" version of making the four aces appear and disappear "like magic!"

Jim Gerrish helped him make the cards he needed for the trick, and then Al-Quadir showed Jim how to use them to make the magic happen visually and instantly in his hands. As Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, Al-Quadir made his first variation on the old trick in 2012, and published in the Wizards' Journal #23. In that version, three spectators from the audience held onto the cards and the Aces appeared and disappeared while the cards were held tightly in their hands.

The co-authors collaborated by e-mail from East Orange, NJ to Fayetteville, NC to make this latest magic trick happen.



Al-Quadir Marsh and Jim Gerrish recently collaborated on Jim's Colorful Cups and Balls trick from The Wizards' Journal #29. Al-Quadir worked on a Pseudo Color Cups and Ball Trick, designed for magicians who already perform sponge ball magic, but want to slide into a more advanced cup and ball routine. At the end, all the balls disappear, from his hands, from the cups and from the paper bag he was using as a "pocket." Only a clever spectator can make the balls reappear by using a magic wand.



Al-Quadir Marsh, formerly known as Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, is now based in North Carolina, where he and his brother are still creating magic for The Magic Nook and sending it to us via the Internet. His brother, Wiz Kid Zaire, takes the photos as Al-Quadir demonstrates his latest magic card trick called the "NEW Ace Chaser." It will be available in The Wizards' Journal #33.

In 2011, when Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki was still based in East Orange, NJ, he invented the "OLD Ace Chaser" which was published in The Wizards' Journal #21. Both versions are good, depending on a magician's needs and purpose. It's just that one is OLD and one is NEW!

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