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Wiz Kids 2016
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Wiz Kid Morris and his sister, Wiz Kid Kassadie, show a new magic trick created by Wiz Kid Jim that will appear in The Wizards' Journal #33 at the Magic Nook very soon. It is called "In Their Hands Hippity Hops" and they will learn how to make the trick and then perform it in some shows planned for Spring of 2017. The photo was taken by EOUMB photographer Samuel Myrtil who will also be photographing the various steps used to make the trick.


Four of the new Wiz Kids who have been studying the magic of Whit "Pop" Haydn were invited to take a field trip to see this professional magician from Hollywood's Magic Castle perform in the Sparta Avenue Stage in Sparta, NJ. Shown left to right: Rosenda Tomlinson, Elijah Shy, Miriah Tomlinson, and Saied Beckford. Drivers and chaperones were Frederick Goode, Director of both the EOUMB and The Wiz Kids, Inc., and Jacqueline Saez, Wiz Kid trustee, but also a magic student herself.

More photos of the trip can be seen HERE.


Wiz Kid Noah has been struggling all summer (since June) to learn to ride the Rip-Stik. Today he finally accomplished it! He was able to ride downhill, turn around and ride back up the hill in a continuous loop for as long as he wished. He spent the rest of the day showing everyone his new accomplishment. For his effort, he was awarded the Rip-Stik that you see in the picture. Now he has to learn to juggle and ride at the same time...but that's for later!


Wiz Kid Isaac and Wiz Kid Miriah have been coming to Summer Band Camp early in the morning, before anyone else arrives, so they can work on their magic and keep the secrets from the other campers whom they use as a test audience before performing in public.

Wiz Kid Isaac wants to specialize in card magic, but today he is working on a tissue paper magic trick that requires a lot of preparation.

Wiz Kid Miriah is learning to perform the Linking Rings, a very old magic trick with a long history. The version she is learning is by Magic Castle Magician Whit "Pop" Haydn who will be performing in Sparta, NJ next month and we hope to make a Wiz Kid trip to see him in person. But now she is studying his methods on DVD.


Wiz Kid Isaac and Wiz Kid Jim are collaborating on a brand new version of the Three Little Pigs trick, originally created by Edwin Hooper (1925 - 2005), an English magician who invented many tricks for Supreme Magic of England. Our Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki came up with his own variation of the effect in 2013, and now Isaac and Jim have come up with something brand new that makes it possible for all the cards to be shown fairly and even placed in the hands of helpers from the audience who help to tell the story.

They will be photographing all the instructions when Isaac returns from Summer Band Camp in Pennsylvania next week, and then Isaac will make a video so his e-Book can be sold on the Magic Nook to other magicians around the world.

August, 2016

Wiz Kid Isaac has a talent for balloon sculpture, as well
as card magic. He'll be learning the Three Little Pigs
Card Trick as his first performance piece.


Wiz Kids Miriah and Elijah are moving along in mastering
juggling. They both have small stand up performances;
Miriah with Color Monte,Wicky Sticks and starting in on
Linking Rings, Elijah has a rope routine and will be adding
Mongolian Pop-Knots to it.


Wiz Kid Miriah (left) performs her Wicky Wacky Wizard Wand Magic Trick at Joi's Angels National Night Out event. Wiz Kid Desmond (right) also did some juggling for the Band members while they were setting up carnival games.

7/13/16 A typical early morning magic class at the Wiz Kids / EOUMB Headquarters. This morning we are working on assembling and performing "What's Up?" from Jim's e-Book by the same name available at the Magic Nook. More information and details available at the EOUMB Web site.


7/19/16 A seldom seen aspect of the Wiz Kids, Inc. is their work with all types of puppets. Today's class lets them try our collection of marionettes, finger puppets, hand puppets, and wrist puppets. They also get some basic lessons on ventriloquism, as well as silent puppet techniques. Sadly missing is the original Wiz Kid Ozzie - a ventriloqual figure which has "passed away."

From the Burlington (VT) Free Press, January 1981


06/30/16 - Wiz Kids Brandon and Jazmine follow in the footsteps of generations of previous Wiz Kids who also learned to unicycle along this fence in the park behind Washington School. Jazmine is just touching the tip of Wiz Kid Jim's finger so she knows he's there, but she really doesn't need anything but confidence and balance to ride sitting on top of that impossible single wheel.

The fence ends and soon she rides away from Jim's finger for about 10 feet of distance before she drops her feet to the ground and ends the ride. If she doesn't give up on herself, she will be riding that unicycle completely around the park by the end of July. Brandon, in the background, is already taking 25 foot rides but today is Jazmine's day to succeed at something most people think is impossible. Wiz Kids know better.

06/30/16 EOUMB/ Wiz Kids Summer Band Camp Activities - Stilt Walking

Beginner Stilt Walking 6/30/16 from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Today's Wiz Kids have something previous generations of Wiz Kids did not have - portable DVD players so they can learn juggling moves directly some of the world's best known jugglers. In the photo, they are proceeding from our beginners' "Cascade juggling" pattern to a pattern called "Column juggling." But they still need the same patience and determination to keep bending over and picking up missed beanbags for months of practice before they become as advanced as the old time Wiz Kids.

June 29, 2016

This year's Summer Band Camp includes three hours of Wiz Kid time each morning, from 9 to Noon. On the left, Jim Gerrish is giving the new EOUMB/Wiz Kids a lesson in balloon twisting to make their first balloon animals - a pink poodle.

On the right, using the special short stilts for beginners, built by Mr Goode and Elijah Shy, Miriah Tomlinson takes her first stilt-walking lesson with Director Frederick Goode guiding her first baby steps on stilts. Behind them, we see a unicycle lesson in progress.

L-R: Morris Peah (trumpeter) and Elijah Shy (percussionist & stilt walker)

June 15, 2016

EOUMB/Wiz Kid Elijah Shy and Director Fred Goode are building stilts for those Wiz Kids who want to learn stilt walking/dancing. While they build, they are also taking photos of each step in the process so that future generations of Wiz Kids will know how to build and operate stilts. The instructions will be written up in an e-Book when they are done.

June 11, 2016

The combined East Orange Unified Marching Band and East Orange Wiz Kids, Inc. performed at Express Employment Professional's Community Job Fair in Allentown, PA. Members of the audience were invited to pose in the group photo showing off their painted faces and their balloon animals. Elijah Shy is easy to pick out, standing above the crowd on his stilts. Desmond Drake is on the far left, back row, juggling bean bags. Ms Jacqueline Saez (front, center, bending down) is quickly developing into a clown/ face painter and Wiz Kid adult. Wiz Kid/ EOUMB Director Fred Goode took the photo.

June 7, 2016

Meanwhile, back Fayetteville, North Carolina, Wiz Kid Zaire graduated from 5th grade at his school, Sherwood Park. Next school year he will be in 6th grade at Lewis Chapel Middle School. Congratulations, Zaire! Drive your teachers crazy by asking lots of questions!

June 7, 2016

Meanwhile, back in East Orange, New Jersey, the Wiz Kids, Inc. have merged with the East Orange Unified Marching Band (EOUMB) and now some of the Band Members are learning new tricks and new Circus Arts Performance skills. Elijah Shy, who plays bass drum for the band, was recently discovered performing stilt walking with a group of stilt dancers (blue costume). Mr. Goode gave him a few lessons on the unicycle and he took to it right away.

June 7, 2016

Desmond Drake, who plays trumpet for the EOUMB has been studying card magic with Jim Gerrish, and today decided to show us his juggling skills. He did well enough to earn a set of juggling bean bags with which to practice, so he can go on to more difficult juggling skills.

We have several other Band Members who are learning how to juggle, perform magic, and perform as clowns. As soon as they are ready, we'll add their photos to this Wiz Kid page.

Their first performance together, both as Wiz Kids and as Members of the EOUMB, will be on Saturday, June 11th, in Allentown, PA.

April, 2016

Besides working on a Scary Spider Magic Box for The Magic Nook with his brother, Wiz Kid Zaire is also playing football and goes to practice almost every day after helping his brother photograph the latest projects. He is playing for the NC Raiders and in the photo was just getting ready to play the first game of the season as a wide receiver. His team won 16 to 12 against the Ravens.

Meanwhile, Qua-Fiki also has a new job working at a local gas station.


January, 2016

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki is now working with Wiz Kid Zaire on making new videos and photos for e-Books for The Magic Nook. So far, the North Carolina team has produced several videos that you can see on Qua-Fiki's Vimeo page: https://vimeo.com/user45880145

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