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December, 2015

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki came north to New Jersey for the Thanksgiving weekend, so we spent some time working on new magic tricks for The Magic Nook. We photographed a series of "Hypnotic" magic tricks which was a lot of fun for both of us. Now he is on his way back to North Carolina with some new magic to share with Wiz Kid Zaire that may end up at The Magic Nook by Christmas.


November, 2015

Wiz Kids Qua-Fiki and Zaire have been making a series of magic videos to demonstrate new magic tricks they have learned and which are available at The Magic Nook. On the left they are performing "Cutting the Cards" and on the right, "Match Me If You Can." Qua-Fiki directed, acted in, and edited both videos from start to finish and they can be seen on his Vimeo Web site.



The Fayetteville, NC Branch of The Wiz Kids, Inc. is following in the traditions of the original Wiz Kids by teaching young members how to carve Halloween Pumpkins and make pumpkin pies and roasted salted pumpkin seeds from the insides. Here is when and where Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki learned about the tradition, and now he is passing it on to Wiz Kid Zaire.


This was taken at a party in Raeford, North Carolina. Qua-Fiki performs his "Enormous Silk" production from his Sneaky-Fiki Production box that he invented for the e-Book he sells on Magic Nook when he was just 14 years old.



Qua-Fiki is back in Fayetteville, NC, performing magic on the runway at a Fashion Show held at the Paul Mitchell Cosmetolegy School. On the Left, he is performing his version of "Color Monte" using jumbo playing cards. On the right he is performing a sponge ball routine with the help of a member of the audience


On July First, Qua-Fiki showed us he was still the master of the Cherry Harvest Festival by gathering enough cherries in the bag to make a cherry pie. There will still be enough cherries left on the tree for Fred to challenge him on the fourth of July. I was no challenge at all when I tried my hand at it on June 28th - I lost one bag to an accident, and only collected enough in the replacement bag to make a cherry-upside-down cake.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki traveled back to New Jersey for a visit. He will be here until after the 4th of July, then he will be heading back to North Carolina. In the meantime, he has been helping with the Wiz Kid Garden and Barbecue Boardwalk, and takes juggling breaks to relax.


Former Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki is now an adult trustee of the Wiz Kids, Inc., and is passing along what he has learned to other future Wiz Kids in his new location in North Carolina. In the photo, Qua-Fiki is teaching his younger brother (Za-Fiki) to ride a unicycle. Note that Za-Fiki is just lightly touching his brother's arm with his right hand, and is scratching his nose with his left hand- a good sign that he is relaxed and comfortable and I predict (from afar) that he will soon be riding solo and earn that shiney new unicycle as his reward.


Qua-Fiki is traveling out of state for a time, but he stays in touch via the Internet. This week-end he is performing an out-door show at a park in North Carolina, making balloon animals, juggling (note the rings under his foot) and performing magic (note the plastic bag of props under his chair).

Meanwhile he is still working on creating magic, and I hope to have a new e-Book from him soon.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki's book, "Escapes For Teens" has been accepted by the prestigeous Magic Castle Library in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, CA for its collection of books that combine the art of escape with the art of magic. Cliff Gerstman, magician and escape artist and editor of "The Chainletter," a monthly on-line e-magazine for escape artists, encouraged him to submit it to the library. An article written by Gerstman in the April 2015 issue of The Chainletter documents its acceptance by the library and inclusion in that special category of escape/magic books.

Qua-Fiki began writing the book in 2010 as a collection of escapes that would appeal to teen-age magicians like himself. Some of the escapes are traditional, with Qua-Fiki's original adaptations, but others are completely new and original, like his Stepladder Escape, and his Chain Cuffs. The book was completed in 2014 and published by Lulu and is available on-line for magicians and escape artists.

Individual chapters of the book are also available to magicians and escape artists at the on-line magic store known as The Magic Nook. A review of the book was written by British escape artist Roslyn Walker in 2011 for The Chainletter.

Qua-Fiki's first book, "Go Fish Card Tricks" was written and published in 2010, a collection of card tricks for children (and adults to perform for children) using specially made "Go Fish" cards.


Qua-Fiki published his latest magic trick at the Magic Nook today. It is called "Robbed!" He collaborated with Professor Spellbinder, who did the research and the writing now that Qua-Fiki is busy with his regular job.

For those who have seen him locally in performances, this is the trick with which he sometimes begins the show - telling the story of how he was robbed on the way to the show. Instead of being serious, it is very funny how he outwits the robber and gets all his stolen possessions back at the end.

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